L’Occitane’s Green Tea & Jasmine Eau de Toilette Is Like a Breath of Summer


 Green Tea & Jasmine Eau de Toilette
L’Occitane’s Green Tea & Jasmine Eau de Toilette


What L’Occitane en Provence bottled in their Green Tea & Jasmine Eau de Toilette is like the perfect breath of summer in full bloom with how it greets you with its enchanting blend of floral, fruit and green notes.  This light romantic fragrance that I was privileged to review will capture your heart and steal you away to your favorite summer place to celebrate the magic of the season L’Occitane style!

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As if a fragrance could give you wings, you feel your senses flying powered by an exhilarating rush of sparkling citrus from the opening notes of juicy orange and pomelo.  The cardamom steadies the blend and gives it an unexpected dash of spice to  keep you guessing.

This very feminine heart  of Green Tea & Jasmine Eau de Toilette is where you appreciate how the white floral beauty of jasmine and green tea meets.  Those elements combined  to the citrus lighten the scent with a sheer radiance to the sweet floral against a bed of green tea to make this essence soft and yet inviting.

The base notes are slightly sensual without being pretentious with notes of thyme and cedar to keep it wonderfully grounded while haunting with an alluring softness that beckons like an urgent whisper.

If you are looking for an ideal summer fragrance that is light and warm as a summer wind itself and love green and fruity-floral notes when buying scents, then I am confident you would be pleased with L’Occitane’s Green Tea & Jasmine Eau de Toilette.  I really do love it.

In fact, this fragrance would make a hit with any woman especially appropriate for Mother’s Day gift giving because it is charming and so soft without being overpowering.  The 3.4 oz. bottle of Green Tea & Jasmine Eau de Toilette Spray retails for $52.00 at L’Occitane.  You heard it from Mary, but you can’t go wrong with this one!


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