Eleven Makeup Tricks to Look Younger

This Beauty Listening How to Keep Her Makeup Look Younger With These Eleven Makeup Tricks Pixibay Image.
This woman takes her beauty seriously, listening to the eleven makeup tricks to keep looking younger longer.


Keeping your real age hidden from the world is more likely if you make a few simple changes to your makeup bag and routine.  After all, we as women are entitled to our secrets! The following little tweaks to what you are doing or using with these makeup tricks to look younger can help better age proof your appearance.

The Eleven Makeup Tricks That Will Keep You Younger

1.  Try a moisturizing foundation that has light-reflecting pigments instead of ones that are heavy, dry and matte.  This choice can help add radiance and distract the eye with light more so from
wrinkles than a thicker, non-reflective formula that can exaggerate them.

2.   You may want to experiment with gray-violet or taupe-mauve eyeshadow.  These universal shades seem to work wonders on everyone to enhance their lids and make the most of their eyes.
However, if you are at the stage with droopy lids, you need to take a different route with brightening the area to give the illusion of lifting the lid.   Pick a shade like golden vanilla or peachy beige shadow that either is  matte or has a soft gleam to it.

3.  As far as eyeliners, I suggest switching to  long-wearing gel eyeliner.   This type won’t tug on delicate skin and stays put more.  Pencils, on the other hand, especially
the creamier the formula, can smudge over time and end in fine lines.  Look into a slightly softer color than pitch black such as deep grays, browns or even taupes, which is a subtler way to define aging eyes.

4.  When lining your inner rims, you may want to look for bone-color eyeliner instead of a bolder white.  This color is just as effective as calling attention away from redness in a more natural way
so you look well rested.

5.   Lashes thin as we age.  Therefore, you might want to consider trying lengthening formulas of mascara over volumizing ones.  Also, you probably should opt for waterproof
formulas since they won’t smudge to settle in fine lines and creases like the non-waterproof varieties.

6.  Discover what an eyelash curler can do to open up your eyes.  You need to make friends with this tool since it can prevent over clumping on thinning older lashes for an ugly, spikey look.

7.   Cream blush is another product you might think of switching to since it leaves skin with a dewy sheen.  A powder blush can look flat on older complexions and settle into any fine lines.

8.   In regard to concealers, you should start learning to use a brush with a thick, creamy formula.  If you begin at the inner corner of the eye, you place a small amount of the concealer and
dot across the eye hollow before blending.  You will find this method works better on a more serious dark circle problem in those thinner hollows of your eyes than a thinner liquid concealer.

9.  Lighten up your lip color choices.   Equally important, you need to avoid overly dark and matte lipsticks.   Looking into softer well pigmented glosses can give you
color and definition in a more flattering way.

10.  Make sure to use a clear or neutral color of lip liner to keep your lip gloss or lipstick from bleeding.

11.  Last of all, you would best be served investing in a highlighter with a soft gleam.  A little highlighting powder on the cheekbones, temples, under the brows, or on the inner corners of the
eyes, helps a face glow.

Though you can’t buy the next thing I want to suggest, I do recommend it as a stunning finish to complete your transformation.  Besides these makeup tricks to look younger, be sure to smile more because nothing is more attractive or approachable than a beautiful woman with a smile!


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