Experience Aromatherapy and Untold Bathing Bliss! Apotheke M: Soothing Coconut Jasmine Sampler (Review)


 Apotheke M: Soothing Coconut Jasmine Sampler
 Apotheke M: Soothing Coconut Jasmine Sampler


Recently, I indulged in a delicious bath of tempting coconut and jasmine when a new brand known as Apotheke: M appeared on my horizon and showed up at my door for this review. These exotic fragrant products in their Soothing Coconut Jasmine Sampler were full of lush botanical ingredients that moisturized and softened my skin in a pampering formula by way of this heavenly scent with aromatherapy benefits.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

This exquisite bath treat consisted of three dreamy products of exceptional quality.  The Apotheke:  M Soothing Coconut Jasmine Sampler came with a rich and creamy Nourishing Body Cleanser, an Enriched Body Creme, and a Perfumed After-Bath Tonic to continue and then prolong that spa like experience through each of the 1.75 fl. oz. products.

Even through the box, this yummy scent manages to come through the packaging and was off to a good start because it made me smile.  Soon you feel yourself relaxing, breathing in that enticing
fruity-floral aroma, and suddenly forgetting all that you have left to do. Instead, I just wanted to linger in my tub with this bath kit with that tempting jasmine for toning, chamomile for soothing, argan oil for its emollient properties, and Shea butter and avocado oil for moisturizing.

However, once I followed up the Enriched Body Creme and Perfumed After-Bath Tonic, I felt sensational as well as beautiful trailing this blissful Coconut Jasmine scent with me.  I was impressed because you hardly expect something this fantastic to retail for $14.99, but it does–and you can buy Apotheke: M Soothing Coconut Jasmine Sampler  at Target!

If you need a pleasant lift, I suggest checking out Apotheke M: Soothing Coconut Jasmine Sampler like the scent from this review and let its magic work for you.


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