How to Pick the Perfect Style of Sunglasses for Your Facial Structure!

Before you shop for a new pair of sunglasses, you may save
yourself some time if you know the best styles for the shape of your face. 
If you remember these few basics, you are likely to turn more heads this
summer with a pair that’s fashionable as well as ultra flattering for you.

Those with an oval-shaped face should try a rectangular
frame  that will add angles to soft curves  when making a
selection.  This style will lend a nice balance and proportion to your

Anyone with a round face will be happiest looking for
upswept frames.  This particular frame draws eyes upward as if lengthening
the face.

Perhaps, you have a heart-shaped face.  My suggestion
is seeking out an aviator style since this type of frame works wonderfully to
lend width to the lower face.

Maybe you think of your face as square-shaped.  You
need to look for sunglasses with rounded edges to them.  By doing so, you
will be amazed at how this style will help better distract from a strong

You’ll look especially great all season now that you
know what style personally works the most magic for you.


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