Quench Dry Skin Once and for all! Melvita’s Ultra-Nourishing Cream Is Up to the Task (Review)

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Melvita’s Ultra-Nourishing Cream

Even if your skin is not on the very dry or sensitive side like
mine and you plan to take advantage of the sun this summer, I think you would like
French  organic beauty brand, Melvita’s Ultra- Nourishing Cream
This is another of their amazing Apicosma line that I raved about
previously that also
does revitalize and deeply moisturize with a rich complex of three varieties of honey, boosted
further by royal jelly and Argan oil for maximum effectiveness that beautifully

This luxurious feeling cream felt so soothing on my face
and sank into my skin quickly without being too greasy or heavy.  The more
times that I used this lightly scent cream, and I watched the condition of my
troubled skin go from tight with a bit of flakiness to healthier looking. 
My complexion thrived on this nourishing formula and regained softness along
with a more radiant glow in the process.

A 1.3 fl. oz. tube retails for $43 on Melvita’s website.  

For getting your troubled skin back on track, I truly
recommend Melvita’s newest Apicosma product, their Ultra-Nourishing Cream.  
Take it from me, your skin will look and feel renewed once
again with the use of this product!

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest
opinion.  A free product was provided to facilitate this review.*


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