Stir Your Senses With Mineral Fusion Earthstone Scented Body Wash and Lotion (Review)

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Mineral Fusion Earthstone Scented Body Wash and Lotion

Although Mineral Fusion has been around since 2007,
I must admit this brand is new to me.  However, I am thrilled to be working
with this environmentally responsible beauty company.  
They take an
interesting approach to beauty and the health of the consumer and planet in what
and how they manufacture.  Their intent is to enhance as well as leave skin
and hair in better condition after using their line. 

Today, I will be sharing my feelings with you about two of
their Earthstone scented Body Wash and Body Lotion products. 
In addition, I will be covering more of the line in future reviews so stay alert
because I was quite pleased with what I have tried of the line as of now.

Earthstone, one of the three scents of their Body Wash, is
just what you need to wake up in the morning with its earthy, herbal
aroma.  In fact, I  consider  this scent unisex.  Guys would
appreciate this bolder fragrance because it is not too girly if you like to have
one bottle in your shower. 

Pour a little onto your sponge or mitt and you’ll love how
quickly this product lathers up into a great foam.  Using mineral-rich clay
and organic aloe, cocoa butter, sunflower seed oil, hyaluronic acid, and
vitamins, this is gentle, but deep cleansing type of wash that moisturizes and
nourishes for optimum skin health.

Next, I layered more Earthstone Body Lotion
over myself.  This is a lightweight scented lotion that comes in four
varieties and is perfect for summer.  I discovered this is a nicely absorbing
formula that didn’t leave any greasy residue behind.  It was a delightful
way to keep my skin fragrant since it softens in scent through the day to follow
you while moisturizing without being too heavy to clog pores in the heat. 

With revitalizing minerals, cocoa butter,
sunflower seed oil, hyaluronic acid, myrtle extract and vitamins, my dry skin responded
wonderfully to the gentle hydrating lotion without any reactions or sensitivity

Those individuals that are sensitive to products like I
can be at times with my allergies should know that Mineral Fusion
contains no paraben, SLS,  phthalate, gluten, or artificial colors. 

Both the Body Lotion (8-fl. oz) and Body Wash
(8.5 fl. oz.) retail for $9.99 at Mineral Fusion or Whole Foods or plug in your zip code on their website for other places to buy.  

Looking for healthier alternatives for beauty
products?  Then, I recommend checking out Mineral Fusion and both of these,
especially if need something lighter for the warm weather.


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