Two Simple Secrets to Help Save Your Face From Wrinkles!

Besides surgical procedures or injections, you may think
only expensive creams and serums can help you defy aging.  However, there
is even more that you can do starting now so that maybe you won’t even need to
consider any drastic measures later. 

Sleeping on your back is definitely a good way to try to
sleep.  If you have a tendency to roll in bed and change positions, you are
tugging and creasing facial skin in places that in time deepen and wrinkle. 
The sooner you start training yourself into this different sleeping position on
your back, the better off your face will be.  Your breathing will also
likely improve since rolling around in your sleep at night can block your

Side position sleepers will also be prone to those
wrinkles near the mouth from long term pulling cheek skin.  Allergies are
also made worse when you sleep this way due to mucous as it drains.  

puffy pockets under your eyes are the result from this type of sleeping.  In fact, check your mirror
because one of those swollen pockets is probably bigger than the other. 
This should give you even more incentive to consider sleeping on your back
instead of on the side and remedy three problems at once with protecting from wrinkles, helping
your allergies, and keeping your eyes beautiful and less likely to puff.

The second secret is the wonder of what a satin pillowcase
can do.  Touch it and notice how easy it is for your hand to glide across.  Think of
replacing your cotton or cotton blend pillowcases because if you happen to screw
up sleeping in a bad position, your face will be less abused since it also slips away
from the fabric instead of sticking to it.

Remaining ageless is what we are all striving for. 
Sometimes, the simplest approach to the problem can surprise you.  I do
hope you put this advice to use because it helps keep you younger a lot longer
while improving your health so that you can feel younger too! 


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