A Gentler Alternative to Beautiful Eyes–Mineral Fusion Natural Brands Lengthening Mascaras and Eye Pencils Review + Swatches

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Mineral Fusion Lengthening Mascaras.jpeg
Mineral Fusion Natural Brands Lengthening Mascaras offers eyes a gentle approach to beauty. 

My eyes can be sensitive with my allergies.  However,
I had great luck with the Eye Shadow Trios I was sent to review from Mineral
when it came to gentleness. Sometimes, mascaras and liners can be
more difficult to predict when your eyes are prone to irritation, but I really
liked how both of these more naturally formulated products worked for being 
kind to eyes as well as enhancing them.

Graphite Lengthening Mascara
Rock Lengthening Mascara

Their Lengthening Mascara comes in two shades of Graphite
(a soft black), and Rock (a brown).  I preferred the Graphite
color with my dark eyes and applied it with ease with their wonderful
brush.  The formula was smooth, creamy, and didn’t clump, but went on
evenly to give my lashes added volume.  

A Few Mascara Makeup Tips 

To pump up the volume further, I
will share a great beauty trick with you of how I made even more of this
mascara.  Curling your lashes first before mascara with an eyelash curler
helps, but heat your eyelash curler first with your hair dryer for a
second or two and then see how much better that tool works!  This will open
your eyes and result in a gorgeous fringe of lashes.

Another tip I want to pass along is how to keep your
mascara from drying out.  This is especially important to remember when
using a more natural brand, but this advice applies to all.  Never pump
your wand in and out of your mascara.  Pulling that wand from the tube back
and forth rapidly draws a lot of air into your mascara to dry it out.  The
action also is the quickest way to contaminate your mascara with bacteria.

Volcanic Eye Pencil
Mineral Fusion eye pencils.jpeg
Mineral Fusion Eye Pencils

Furthermore, this formula didn’t smudge for me and held up
until I needed to remove it.  Being non-waterproof, I found it easier to
take off as well.

The Eye Pencils Are Just As Gentle As the Mascaras

Rough Eye Pencil

I also played with two of their five shades of Eye
included in my box of review products.  Rough was a
medium brown pencil below.  Volcanic was a deep gray color that is pictured. 

These are great sharp-tipped liner pencils that have a
silkier texture.  This formula has chamomile, meadowfoam, and vitamin
E  for helping these pencils glide nicely without tugging on your eyelids
and do stay put. 

I also liked how the thickness was perfect for sticking
into an ordinary size eye pencil sharper.  Did you know that you should
sharpen eye liner pencils before you use them each time since bacteria can
gather?  This also is something to make a regular practice of doing,
especially when using the more natural formulas.  By doing so, you will
protect your eyes and keep pencils fresher longer!

Mineral Fusion Natural Brands Lengthening Mascaras and Eye Pencils retail for $14.99 each.  Anyone
searching for gentler eye cosmetics that are also 100% Vegan should look into
these products because I think you will love them.  Find them online at
Mineral Fusion or at Whole Foods Markets and other fine health food stores.


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