Delight Your Senses With Delicate Floral Beauty–Meet Temple Tree Jasmine Cologne NEW From Thymes! (Review)

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Thymes Temple Tree Jasmine Cologne.jpeg
Thymes Temple Tree Jasmine Cologne

Summer is a great
time to stop wearing heavier fragrances in favor of lighter ones.  Those
winter scents with lots of spice and musk can be overpowering and intensified by
body heat and humidity in hot weather.
Therefore, it is the perfect time
to shop for a lighter fragrance that will compliment that change in your body
chemistry to keep you making a memorable impression.  

A gorgeous choice is the new Temple Tree Jasmine Cologne
that recently made an appearance this Spring 2013
from Thymes, the creative Minneapolis
collective that I was sent for this review for the way it can light up your mood
with its  tropical floral beauty.

the scent is a rush of floral sweetness from
heady Temple Tree blossoms and jasmine
sambac stealing all the glory.  You drift among those
intoxicating flowers until you detect the honeysuckle and ylang-ylang softening the mix to
better ground you. 

Soon elegant notes of damask rose combined with a
splash of coconut milk ooze femininity for a delicious creamy softness to the
floral.  So ladylike and delicate, the fragrance floats with airy tropical
beauty that is romantic and hard to resist.

Those that
love a  jasmine floral would especially find the Temple Tree Jasmine
collection quite appealing.  Nonetheless,  I think anyone that prefers
a gentle floral fragrance that has a lovely sweetness
to its composition would also adore this graceful scent.

I do suggest
checking out this fabulous new Thymes Temple Tree Jasmine collection because it is a wonderful addition to summer.  Products start at
$13 for the soap and range up to $33 for the 1.7 oz. cologne. 


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