For Lips With Dazzling Impact–Beauté Cosmetics Lip Products to Glam It Up Like a Hollywood Star! (Review)–Photos + SWATCHES

Disclaimer:  This post is based on a free
product provided by a company as a press sample so that I may offer my own 
opinion, which may be the same or differ from yours.

Beaute Cosmetics Liquid Gel Stain for Lips and Cheeks.jpeg
Beaute Cosmetics Liquid Gel Stain for Lips and Cheeks (Flouron BCLS 500)

When products from Beauté Cosmetics arrived from

Desert Collection
, my first thought what was it they thinking with such a
shocking bright orange neon color for lip gloss?  Another tube was a pale
beige that I feared would make me looked drained of blood like an extra in a
vampire movie.  Last of the lippies I received was more what I was used to being this ready to wow, knockout deep red.  Yet, I was met with a big
When you look at the colors in the
tubes you see one thing and once on the lips, you see another so incredible it dazzles.

I can’t contain my excitement, especially when it comes to
their Liquid Gel Stain for Lips and Cheeks.  That wild orange shade of Flouron
BCLS 500
that I almost was afraid to wear changed within a few minutes into this gorgeous tulip sort of medium pink once
this highly pigmented stain touched my lips.  This color was striking and a perfect choice for summer with how
it really played up my warm complexion.  

Since this is a stain, the feeling was drier than a gloss
or a lipstick, but you can layer it like I chose to.  Beauté Cosmetics 
has suggestions of color combinations that work well together.   I
also think topping with some 
clear gloss or lip balm was also a lovely effect.

Here I am modeling Flouron in this photo.

modeling Beaute Cosmetics Flouron Liquid Gel Stain.jpeg
Here I’m modeling Flouron Liquid Gel Stain.

Long wear lipsticks move aside because this stain wears through
eating, drinking, and until you decide to take it off.  Don’t worry about
finding any color on your glass or cups because
Beauté’s formula is incredible. 
Besides, this one, there are three other stain choices available.

When you use this product on your cheeks, you need to work
quickly on your freshly moisturized face since there is only
about 12 seconds before it dries.  The easiest method I found was dropping a
little moisturizer in your hand and dab color near it before hurrying to combine
then blending with your fingertips.  Wash your hands immediately to avoid

I also had the opportunity to try one of their six Weightless Lip Creme in Masochist WLC 110.  This is one of the best lippies
for such pampering creamy comfort and for chic, riveting color that I have ever
tried.  I am talking about an all out, true dark red so captivating that all
eyes can’t help but focus on you.  The company describes this color as
Helmut Newton Red.  I, on the other hand, just refer to it as that perfect
showstopper red with such a dreamy lightweight texture.  

Check out Masochist in the next photo below.

Beaute Cosmetics Weightless Lip Creme Masochist WLC 110.jpeg
Beaute Cosmetics Weightless Lip Creme Masochist WLC 110

Just as fantastic is how this highly hydrating formula
also seemed to make my lips look somewhat fuller with its collagen stimulating
ability and zero pain compared to some plumping lip glosses.

modeling Beaute Cosmetics Weightless Lip Cremem Masochist WLC 110.jpeg
What do you think of me wearing Masochist?

Instead of pumping to disperse the product, your task is
easier with a doe-foot sponge applicator.   Something else wonderful
about Masochist is you can do a full coat or apply and blot for more of a
sheer stain and then finish with clear gloss.

You’ll also love how long this non-sticky, beautiful Weightless
Lip Creme
color can last.  This color lasted on me for hours after dinner last
night without fading, smearing, and ending up on my teeth.  In fact, I
swiped most of it off before I went to bed and the color I left was still
there in the morning.  

Out of the 12 Luminous Volume Glosses, I received Skin
Trade 004
.   Seriously, I was shocked at how this went from
a sickly pale beige to a sheer peach-nude color that is so versatile.  I don’t
know how the company manages that beautiful transformation from tube color to
lips, but I am impressed at their technology with this feat. This gloss can also
help give your lips a slightly fuller appearance, which I also

Beaute Cosmetics Luminous volume Gloss Skin Trade 004.jpeg
In this photo, I am holding Beaute Cosmetics Luminous Volume Gloss (Skin Trade 004).

This one has a brush inside. The only complaint is a few
of those bristle bent, but it didn’t ruin my application.  I just would
have preferred the doe-foot applicator.

modeling Beaute Cosmetics Luminous Volume Gloss in Skin Trade 004.jpeg
Here I am wearing Skin Trade to show you.

This is my first experience of using Beauté Cosmetics
After trying these lip products, I honestly am a fan.  You, see, my enthusiasm just can’t be contained.  
I definitely want more! 

The Liquid Gel Stain retails for $29.  Weightless
Lip Cremes
sell for $26 and the Luminous Volume Glosses run $26 as
well.  Have you tried these products because I can’t recommend them highly enough!  Visit 
Beauté Cosmetics to shop or find where else to buy.  Connect with them on Facebook or Twitter.


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