Homemade Milk Skin Treatment From Your Kitchen

milk instant skin beautifier

The next time you treat your complexion to a facial mask, here is a homemade milk treatment that I think you will want to try because it gives a remarkable boost to your skin.  I am talking about instead of following with your normal toner, you might like to try just milk since it can help tighten, refine pores, and moisturize.

Whatever milk you have in the refrigerator will work.  However, the higher the fat content, the more goodness your face will experience.  In fact, whole milk buttermilk is supreme since it is loaded with live bacteria to feed to your complexion.

Once you wash off your mask, this is what you need to do.  Pour a small amount of milk into a cup, saucer, or whatever that would be enough to be absorbed by a cotton ball.

Let this milk rest on your skin for several minutes until it completely dries.  I like to keep it on for at least five to ten minutes to gain the most skin rewards.  As the milk dries, you will feel the skin tightening as it does its magic.

If you poured too much milk, you just need to grab a fresh cotton ball and reapply a second coat once your first milk treatment dries.

Rinse with lukewarm water and close your pores with cold.  Gently pat your skin and be prepared to see how much prettier your complexion is just by a simple adjustment in your beauty routine.  Those pores will shrink before your eyes making your skin feel as soft as  a rose petal with an overall healthier, nourished glow.

Earlier, I shared an excellent homemade milk firming facial mask recipe with brewer’s yeast for tightening the complexion. This is wonderful to use also for increased tightening as your mask or use it in rotation with the products or recipes you normally use.

Follow with your moisturizer as usual. Then, I hope you check your mirror because you will smile at your reflection, you gorgeous creature!   Now, what are you waiting for?   Trust me, and you will thank me later for sharing the wonders of this homemade milk skin treatment.


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