Mineral Fusion Cosmetics Eyeshadow Trios Review

Mineral Fusion Cosmetics Eye Shadow Trios Review (Diversity, Stunning, Espresso Gold, Sultry).jpeg

I received a sizeable assortment of Mineral Fusion Cosmetics to review.  Today, I want to share my feelings on four of their Eyeshadow Trios I tested for this ongoing review series with Diversity, Stunning, Espresso Gold, and Sultry.

The images on the company’s website can hardly do justice to show off the colors of these palettes when you see them before you.  All four compacts held versatile combinations that were very wearable without being over the top.   You could easily wear these to the office and then reinvent your look for after work with a little experimentation and heavier application, in some instances.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

From left to right in the photo below is Diversity (a vivid plum, a shimmering pink, and a matte taupe), Stunning (gleaming set of chocolate brown, cream, and a caramel), Espresso Gold (shimmering gold, matte beige, and a dark chocolate), and ending with Sultry (deep matte charcoal, shimmering silver, and a matte cream).

The colors were rich, nicely pigmented and blended wonderfully with lid color, highlight, and a crease shade.  First of all, the formula is gentle and didn’t irritate my sensitive allergy prone eyes.  In addition, these shadows clung beautifully without creasing for a good part of my day.

The talc free-formula didn’t look powdery or litter my eyes with chunks of sparkle just a becoming shimmer or smooth matte color. The reason for this velvet quality your lids seem to take on could be because of pomegranate, white tea, red tea and sea kelp.  The skin-soothing botanicals also were designed to help with anti-aging as they defend against free radical damage.

I swatched the shades in the next photo.  At the top of my wrist are the three colors of: Diversity, then Sultry,
Espresso Gold,
and finishing with my favorite set, Stunning.

swatches of Mineral Fusion Cosmetics Eye Shadow Trios Review (Diversity, Stunning, Espresso Gold, Sultry).jpeg
Mineral Fusion Eye Shadow Trio swatches 
Mineral Fusion Cosmetics Eye Shadow Trios Review (Diversity, Stunning, Espresso Gold, Sultry) in brighter light swatches.jpeg
Here is the same shot only in more light so you can catch how they gleam.

You can’t go wrong with Stunning because it is a great neutral choice when it comes to sizzling warm browns.  However, Sultry, was a close tie and striking with that haunting soft deep gray and silver against cream for doing more subtle smoky eyes. I do plan on checking more of those palettes out soon because they made an excellent impression on me.

Five other Eyeshadow Trio palettes are available and retail for $24.99 each.  The next time you need eye shadows, I do recommend these.  Find them at Whole Foods Markets or other health food stores or visit Mineral Fusion.


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