Unleashing Some Lippie Love–Mineral Fusion Natural Brands Lip Products Review–Photos–Swatches!

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Mineral Fusion Natural Brands logo.jpeg
Mineral Fusion

My lips were so happy when they met up with some great new
lip products from Mineral Fusion Natural Brands.  Today, I want to
tell you about what to expect from their  Lip Sheer
and Regular Lipsticks, Lip Glosses, Liquid Lip Glosses, and a couple of their
Lip Pencils that I had the chance to review. 

Both varieties of their lipsticks went on smoothly and
felt nicely conditioning while I had them on from Shea butter, jojoba seed oil,
pomegranate, red and white teas, and vitamins C and E.   Furthermore,
either type did stay on my lips without disappearing into my skin and lasted
from early morning until I ate some off along with my lunch.

The two Lip Sheer Lipsticks I received were Exotic
(a lovely medium pink-peach) and Inspire (a pretty cool-toned pink). 
Though the colors look darker in the tubes, these deliver a beautiful wash of

Alluring, one of the eight Lipsticks in the
line had more pigment and gave me striking plum-wine lips.  In the photo below, Alluring is on the left, Inspire is in the middle and Exotic is on the right.

Mineral Fusion three lipsticks.jpeg
Mineral Fusion lipsticks 

Their Liquid Lip Glosses come in a tube with an
angled tip that you apply with for extreme shine whether colorless like
Polished or
with color.  
Sensitive, one of the five colors, is deep
berry-red that will make your lips drip and tempt with fruit-like

These really feel so comfortable on your lips with their
nourishing botanicals that include sunflower oil, vitamin E,
and plenty of antioxidants to also protect them. 

I also think applying
gloss from the tube itself this way poses less risk for contamination as it
would when inserting a sponge in and out of gloss.

Mineral Fusion two Liquid Lip Glosses.jpeg
Mineral Fusion Liquid Lip Glosses

I did find two tubes of Lip Gloss in Serene 
and Sheen among the items provided.  These are the type of gloss that you pull out a sponge wand to color your lips.  Sheen was
so natural a pink-brown with a tad of peach that really flattered.  Serene
was a deeper berry-pink shade that probably could perk up most complexions
with how it manages to light up a face.  

This form of their gloss had a slightly less moisturizing feel upon my lips compared to the Liquid Lip Gloss.

Mineral Fusion two lip glosses.jpeg
Mineral Fusion lip glosses of Sheen on the left and Serene on the right.

I also tested two of their four shades of Lip Pencils
with Graceful (nude with a bit more brown and on the top in the photo below) and Elegant (a
pink-brown).  These pencils spread well without being too dry and did help
me keep lipstick and glosses from wandering over my lips. 

Mineral Fusion two Lip Pencils.jpeg
Mineral Fusion Lip Pencils

All these products were wonderful in my opinion, but I
think my favorite was their Liquid Lip Gloss.  You get stunning
vinyl like shine and it feels like a lip care treatment while keeping you

Modeling Mineral Fusion Exotic lipstick.jpeg

In this next photo, I am wearing Lip Sheer Lipstick Exotic.

Modeling Mineral Fusion Alluring lipstick.jpeg
Here I am modeling the Alluring Lipstick.Add caption

Modeling Mineral Fusion Inspiring Lipstick.jpeg
What do you think of me in Lip Sheer Lipstick Inspire below?Add caption

Swatches of Mineral Fusion three lipsticks.jpeg
I swatched the three lipsticks for you in this next photo.  Starting on the left is InspireAlluring in the middle, and ending on the right with Exotic.

The Lip Sheer and Regular Lipsticks retail
for $14.99.  The Liquid Lip Glosses sell for $6.99 each while the Lip
go for $15.99 a piece.

Do visit Mineral Fusion or find these lip products at
Whole Foods.


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