What to Look for When Buying Body Lotion

what to look for when buying body lotion woman applying lotion


Those that think all body lotions are created equally are sorely mistaken.  While all formulas provide moisture, some inexpensive varieties mask the problem by covering up the dryness instead of healing it.  Therefore, you need to scrutinize that label of any body lotion carefully  before buying if you expect to keep your skin healthy and in the best condition.  When you are aware of what to look for when buying body lotion, then your skin will always benefit.

Start making it a habit of reading labels to see what you are paying for.  Ingredients are listed from the most prevalent to the least on any product label.  The first three ingredients are the most
important for skin benefits.

Look for a phytobotanical oil that is derived from plants such as Shea butter,  jojobaoil, or oils taken from fruits (like peach oil or coconut oil, etc.)  for effectively nourishing your skin.

Cheaper formulas often substitute mineral oil, which will appear to soothe, but is more a temporary fix for skin. It may also have a possible to skin care.

Natural formulations, on the other hand, are more expensive due to active ingredients from plants or fruits since they are closely resembling our own skin oils when compared chemically.  Those potent components provide the healing skin solution.

The next on your lookout list when buying your body lotion revolves around scent since not all scents are made the same way as well. For instance, if you pick up a bottle of lavender body lotion and expect to benefit for its mood soothing qualities, then it must contain lavender as an essential oil.

Essential oils are the only scents that have beneficial properties since they were extracted from plants so keep that in mind.  Lavender from fragrance oil will do nothing except let you smell
pretty.  Again, this is the reason natural and organic formulas are more costly than some drugstore brands.

Remember to apply your body lotion after your shower or bath while you are still damp.  Be sure to moisturize within ten minutes so that you get the most advantage out of it.  By making a few adjustments to your routine as well as knowing what to look for when buying body lotion, your skin will be more beautiful and better nourished than ever!


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