Beautify Those Tootsies With Sally Hansen Exfoliating Foot Products to Smooth and Help Avoid Pain! (Review)

Disclaimer:  This post is based on a free
product provided by a company as a press sample so that I may offer my own 
opinion, which may be the same or differ from yours.

Sally Hansen Exfoliating Foot Products trio.jpeg
Sally Hansen Sole Control 2-Step Foot File (left), Soften Your Step, and Pumice Foot Polish (right).

Summer is when you need your feet to look their
best.  After all, you have new sandals to wear and don’t want to scare
potential admirers off with ugly rough skin, let alone corns and calluses when
you expose them swimming or sunning.   Exfoliating will smooth and soften them, but also help you
avoid cracked heels.  However, I got you covered with several
Sally Hansen
exfoliating foot products with their
Pumice Foot Polish, the Soften
Your Step
, and Sole Control 2-Step Foot File.

The first product I wanted to test was that Pumice Foot
.  This is lavender scented, grainy scrub that can be used to
get rid of any rough, dry skin.  Besides lavender, there is also tea tree
oil so this foot polish can smooth, nourish, and deodorize.  

Although you can work with this product on wet feet as
well as dry, I found it did a better job when I rubbed those granules against my
fresh washed, dry feet to help in getting rid of rough skin.  This was really
nice for softening the soles of your feet.  However, I found it a wonderful
aid in dealing with a corn even more.  

Even after one use, the Pumice Foot Polish was
helping break down my corn more gently than other things that can also
hurt.  I definitely will keep using this to fix that corn and recommend it
to anyone else suffering the price of what  our stylish high heels can
often do to us.  Follow with foot cream, lotion, or even body butter and
your feet are softer and you’re good to go.

The Soften Your Step pedicure tool that  I
received is handy to own with two sides to exfoliate heels and
soles.   One side has a ceramic stone and the other has a brush.  

Here’s what I did.  I soaked my feet first before washing and drying them
to soften the skin the best I could.  I worked with brush first to help
gently work over the area.  Next, I followed with the ceramic stone side
and rubbed over my heels and soles gently.  I prefer using  this gradually than
overworking and causing raw skin, but it does help in smoothing that area with a
bit more vigor.  I always followed with my foot cream to further help the
softening cause along.

Sally Hansen’s Sole Control was the last
product I was sent with the most exfoliation power for tougher problems like
calluses or super thick, rough skin.  This is another two-step foot file
with coarse and finer grit sides. 

I followed the same steps as I
did with the Soften Your Step and it does help with roughness. 
However, I don’t recommend trying this on your corns because this is the most
extreme method of the three and they are tender enough without attempting to
hurry the process along.  All other tough skin is wonderful to tackle with

I do like what these Sally Hansen pedicure products
have done for my feet and think they are well worth looking into!


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