Dry, Anti-Aging Skin Solutions From Barbara & Company Natural Skin Care Products (Review)

Disclaimer:  This post is based on free
products provided by a company as a press sample so that I may offer my own 
opinion, which may be the same or differ from yours.

Barbara & Company Hyaluronic Acid Age-Reversal Serum and Bio-Peptide Complex Eye Creme.jpeg
Barbara & Company Hyaluronic Acid Age-Reversal Serum and Bio-Peptide Complex Eye Creme

If you want to see your skin flourish as mine has been
doing lately, then let me introduce you to Barbara & Company, an
exciting natural skin and body care line from award- winning formulator and medical
esthetician, Barbara Miller.  Created with certified
organic ingredients targeted to specific needs, there is a range of
results-oriented products to fit your skin.  I had the chance to see try
four of those products to address my own skin issues. 

Since my complexion in on the dry side, I received the Hyaluronic
Acid Age-Reversal Serum
as the recommended solution to return moisture and
help battle aging.  This is a creamy, fruity lotion than any thin liquid
that comes in a bottle you pump to dispense.  I liked how beautifully this
product absorbed and softened with intense hydration and anti-aging power from
not only Hyaluronic Acid, shea butter, aloe, and vitamins, but also hydrolyzed
peptides to restore skin to help gain a younger appearance. 

I was using this serum twice daily and must admit the tone
of my complexion brightened.  Gradually, I noticed my pores look almost
like they were fading away while leaving my skin with a velvety feel and
terrific healthy glow.  I can’t say this product did away with the two
deeper wrinkles by my cheeks, but it did help start to slightly pump them up
over the short time I had been using it. 

The only criticism I have concerns the bottle.  After
a while of use, the product can be difficult to pump out.  You need to give
it some brisk shaking and then be careful when pumping because it can squirt
far.  Other than that, I really loved the product.

My eyes were treated to Bio-Peptide Complex Eye Creme. 
This is a rich blend of organic oils, antioxidants, eye bright extract, and
a 100% bio-peptide complex that helps smooth out fine lines and
under eye darkness, deflate puffiness, and moisturize that delicate skin. 
I liked the gentleness of this cream since eye products in particular can be
tricky for someone with allergies like me.  Using this cream twice daily, I found it did seem to lighten my allergic shiners
while helping the look of my fine creases.

Barbara also included a bottle of Glycolic Acid Gel 15%
strength as a part of my regime. This is a product all skin types
can benefit from being a potent alpha hydroxyl acid capable of deep exfoliation to
increase the rate of younger cells coming to the surface. 

Glycolic Acid is
a fantastic aid for aging skin, acne, scarring, and skin discoloration, but it
should be used with care and eased into.  You may want to start with a
weaker 5% or 10% solution first to accustom your skin to the burning and
tingling, which is normal for this type of product.  Otherwise, you might
want to start out leaving this product on only for about two to five
minutes before rinsing off or wearing overnight.  

Glycolic Acid Gel 15%, and the Green Tea Cucumber Cleanser.jpeg
Glycolic Acid Gel 15%, and the Green Tea Cucumber Cleanser 

Use a cream cleanser first instead of soap to wash your
face and then dry before a treatment to cut down on the burning. 
This is what I did and found it does lessen the burning somewhat, but I also
think it is important not to get overzealous.  I left this initial 15% strength acid on for about three or four minutes and followed up with the moisturizing
serum.  Though you can do this nightly with your moisturizer on top, I
personally preferred once or twice a week to avoid less irritation and give my
skin a chance to heal.  This was excellent for help with fading a small
scar I had and perfecting a complexion.

The last product I was provided with was their Green
Tea Cucumber Cleanser
for dry skinThis is a luxurious creamy
emulsion of shea butter, organic extracts, and organic aloe that melts makeup
and grime and rinses off with water.  This is not recommended for the eye
area, but it cleaned the rest of my face well.  Nothing was left behind once I swiped a
cotton with a toner to test it.

The Hyaluronic Acid Age-Reversing Serum retails for
$65, Bio-Peptide Complex Eye Creme ($52), Glycolic Acid Gel 15%
($34), and the Green Tea Cucumber Cleanser ($38). Barbara &
 organic skin care products are available on Amazon.  Do check these products out
because I know you would be happy with what you will see next.

To learn more about Barbara & Company and
Barbara Miller, who is also a motivational speaker and author of Dancing in
Rhythm With the Universe,
visit the company’s website.


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