Some Helpful Dieting Tricks You May Have Overlooked!

Packing on the pounds is always the easy part. 
However, losing weight can be a challenge. 
Therefore, I found a few
strategic tricks that can work for you just as it has been doing for me. 

Plan your meals ahead and make a list before grocery
shopping for only those ingredients you need to complete them. 
Before you head to the store make sure you eat first and never go with an empty
stomach.  Your willpower to resist picking up junk foods as you shop and
the candy bars when you prepare to check out will be stronger if you’re full.

Shopping in bulk is not always friendly to your figure or
wallet.  The largest sizes or a double package only will cause you to
eat more.  Of course, you will justify this overindulging because the
product might spoil and with the high cost of food you couldn’t possibly allow
that to happen.  Save yourself the trouble of falling into this harmful trap.

Often, those bulk purchases aren’t as cheap as you may
believe once you figure out the unit cost per ounce compared to smaller
Sometimes, the smaller size products can actually cost less or
differ only by a few cents, especially if you use coupons. 

Another thing that helps is figuring out the times
you usually fall into your snacking rut and then try these
suggestions.  First, try drinking a full glass of water and then retreat
from the kitchen.  Give this about five minutes and if doesn’t work to fill
you up, then I like to do something physical like grabbing the vacuum cleaner,
washing the floors, taking a walk or doing some stretches, etc. to take your
mind off of eating. 

When that urge for sugar strikes, you should reach for a
sour pickle.  I know this sounds crazy, but somehow this opposite taste
does seem to help curb that intense need for a piece of cake, pie, ice cream,
etc. in a strange way that I don’t understand.  

Herbal teas can be wonderful for your system and
mind.  They will flush those impurities out just as effectively as water
only with taste and a delightful fragrance without caffeine while filling you
up.  I like to keep a pitcher chilled in the refrigerator as a refreshing
alternative to coffee.  

Also, I like to make a tray of ice cubes out of
herbal tea or fruit juice to suck on when you feel the snacking urge setting
in.  That extreme coldness of rolling that ice cube leisurely in
your mouth dulls your taste buds.

Cabbage and potatoes are excellent when preparing your
meals.  Cabbage for one hardly has calories (24 per cup) and stretches
casseroles or makes a delicious side dish or ingredient in soups without increasing your waistline.   Making a main dish out of a potato with
some Greek yogurt, flaked salmon or tuna, low-fat cheese, or some of your leftover casserole can amount to fewer calories than you think with all the
necessary nutrition of B-complex vitamins, minerals, and protein from the source
you add.

Avoid walking near your office’s vending machines. 
If you need to pass those candies and snacks, then try not to have that needed
bill or change needed to buy that goodie handy.  A credit card can be good
in this instance since it can’t be stuck into a vending machine.

Start packing your lunch from home instead of dining
out.  A container of leftovers reheated in the company microwave is a wiser
option than being carried away from greasy or heavy sauce laden alternatives.

Legumes are marvelous to pare down weight, improve your
overall health, and give you lots of fibers.   Learn to replace red
meats especially with meals using beans.  When you add rice to beans, you
create a complete protein.

Dry beans are cheaper and what I always prefer. 
Canned beans, however, are just as good when you’re in hurry.  Besides main
dishes, you can make a delicious sandwich spread in your food processor or
blender with garbanzos, white beans, navy beans, or your favorite bean with some
low-fat cream cheese, fresh garlic, onion, milk, lemon juice, salt, cayenne
pepper for lunch instead of highly processed luncheon meat.

I hope you do try some of my suggestions because they can
help you!


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