Is Your Skin Breaking Out Without Knowing Why?

Skin Breaking Out


Though blemishes and acne can come from hormones, clogged pores, bacteria to the ingredients in the skin care products we rely on, they can also come from frequently touching of our skin to placing less than sanitary objects against our face. If your skin is breaking out and you can’t understand why, there are a few habits that could account for your skin problem.

Think the areas on your face where you typically break out. Here is the reason of why the location of your breakout matters. For example, if you habitually break out on your cheeks and chin, the explanation may be something common that you may not have thought of. You might want to blame your cell phone! After all, your fingers pick up a lot of bacteria and it can be transferred to your skin. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when it comes to your keeping that phone clean.

The best thing to do is clean your cell phone as often as you can with a disinfectant or antibacterial wipes. Daily is preferable, but weekly is the longest you want to go without allowing those germs to accumulate.

Then again, sleeping could also have something to do with your skin is breaking out. You may toss and turn. In the process, you could be leaving deposits of face cream and skin oils on your pillowcase. You may find that your acne and blemishes clear up just by changing your pillowcase more often such as a few times a week.

On the other hand, if you notice that you usually break out around the hairline, then you might want to switch out the current hair styling or makeup that you use. Check your labels for ingredients that are known to clog pores such as silicones, oils, petroleum, and ones like panthenol.

If your skin is breaking out without knowing why, it can be nightmare trying to narrow down the causes.  Hopefully, what I shared here will help clear up your skin.


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