Beauty Lovers Won’t Be Able to Resist!–IT Cosmetics Your Most Beautiful You 6-Piece Collection (Review)

Disclaimer:  This post is based on a free
product provided by a company as a press sample so that I may offer my own 
opinion, which may be the same or differ from yours.

IT Cosmetics Your Most Beautiful You 6-Piece Collection.jpeg
IT Cosmetics Your Most Beautiful You 6-Piece Collection

When it comes to beautifying a woman, IT Cosmetics knows
how to deliver.  An excellent example is with their 6-piece Your Most
Beautiful You Collection
of anti-aging cosmetics and brushes that will allow
you to transform into the butterfly you are.  All it takes is exploring
what’s inside this box to make it reality.  Shall we take a peek?

You get a super-sized one-ounce tube of their amazing
award-winning Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer in one of four shades. 
Light is my color.  This stuff can hide under eye circles like a dream,
especially when you dab the concealer with their Dual Heavenly Luxe Airbrush
Foundation and Concealer Brush
that is also included.  Just a tiny bit
is all you need to banish away any darkness while treating the area with
hydrolyzed collagen for puffiness in this innovative moisturizing formula that
originally was developed to hide facial bruising after plastic surgery.  

You will also find Hello Light Radiance Creme
.  This is a must if you want to highlight your bone
structure.  I love how this fantastic cream can have skin beaming with what
looks like light  pouring out of your pores instead of this compact!  Using
Heavenly Luxe Pointed Precision Complexion Brush that also came in
this collection will make for more precise application.  Read my original 
review for details and tips on how to do extraordinary things with these two

Hello Light Radiance Creme Illuminator.jpeg
Hello Light Radiance Creme Illuminator

For lips, IT Cosmetics has a Vitality Lip Blush
Hydrating Lip Gloss. 
If you haven’t tried these glosses yet, then get
a move on because they  look sensational, the feel of them is exceptional, and
they do seem to give
lips more volume.  Read my review of Perfect Nude
and I Believe to get my detailed take.  The one in this box is Je
Ne Sais Quoi
  Don’t let this nearly clear pink shade
fool you because it makes lips pop with an inviting darker pink color once on.

Vitality Lip Blush Hydrating Lip Gloss (Je Ne Sais Quoi).jpeg
Vitality Lip Blush Hydrating Lip Gloss (Je Ne Sais Quoi)

Your Brows But Better Pencil is also included in Universal
Transforming Taupe
.  This pencil’s skinny tip lets you can fill in the
brow with feathery strokes for a more natural look.  A spooly brush is on the
other end to tame and polish the brows. This brown shade can adapt to most needs just by changing how
hard you press when working on your brow.   If you are very light
blonde or have nearly black hair, you may want to choose a different shade of
this pencil.  With my very dark brown-black brows, I needed to build on
this color to get it dark enough.  Though I could still wear it, I am
curious how the dark brown color of this pencil would compare.  However, it
is great to work with and conditioning to boot!

Brows But Better Pencil (Universal Transforming Taupe).jpeg
Brows But Better Pencil (Universal Transforming Taupe)

IT Cosmetics are exceptional if you ask
me.  If you haven’t tried any their fabulous line of anti-aging
cosmetics, their Your Most Beautiful You Collection is six
reasons you will love them just as much as I do!  The regular price
of this set is $72.50 on QVC, but it is currently on sale for $65.96 so take
advantage and become an IT girl too!  


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