Cool Sunburn Pain With This Easy DIY Fix

Tomato Juice Pixabay image for cool sunburn pain with DIY fix
Tomato juice has skin beneficial lycopene that helps speed up burn relief.


No one intends to get sunburned, but when it happens you need quick relief to cool sunburn pain.  Of course, you could be one of those people that is always prepared with every ointment or medicine for any unexpected emergency.  However, I am not one of them.  I usually only keep the first-aid supplies up to date  for as much as we need them.  So instead of attempting to dress and drive to the drug store to scan products for relief, I remembered the strange homemade sunburn cure my friend had told me about that worked for her to cool sunburn pain.

Before I could be too hopeful, I had to check my refrigerator.  Last night, I did see buttermilk still in there.  Then again, my guy likes buttermilk and he did make a late night run for a snack.

Lucky for me, I found there was still some buttermilk for me to try this.  Then I remembered that I also needed sour cream.  I pushed past the giant jar of jalapeno peppers and found the sour cream.  So far, I had what I needed to start except something was missing.  I needed one more ingredient.

The last ingredient was tomato juice.  Usually, I don’t keep tomato juice as a staple in my pantry.  Fortunately though, I had a can of tomato juice on the shelf for a recipe I wanted to make.  The
sight of that can made me one happy lady.

After I called my friend to make sure of the exact recipe, I was ready to work on my cure to cool sunburn pain.


Easy Cool Sunburn Pain DIY Fix

5 tablespoons of buttermilk
2 tablespoons of sour cream
3 tablespoons of tomato juice


Mix the three ingredients together and apply to your sunburn.  Keep it on for about 45 minutes before carefully washing it off.  Repeat this fix every few hours to help cool the skin down.

If you want more of the creamy remedy, you also might want to try applying sour cream directly to your sunburn.  Follow the same time and procedure.

Either option may sound odd, but it does strangely help when needing a quick fix to cool sunburn pain in no time!


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