Do Try This Home Remedy to Help Grow Longer, Lush Lashes!

Who doesn’t want the thickest fringe of lashes
possible?  However, if you don’t feel all that comfortable putting on
mascaras with growth-enhancing chemicals or other eye products to stimulate lash
growth, then you are not alone.  I avoid those types of eye products. 
Yet, I still desperately envied women with those lush, really long lashes. 
So I kept reading and experimenting with home remedies until I found this.

Although there is no scientific evidence behind this home
remedy that I am going to share with you, I have been using castor oil on my eye
lashes and am liking what I am seeing.  I have been dabbing some of this
oil on a cotton swab to lightly coat my top lashes only before bed.  I
refuse trying to do the bottom lashes because it feels too close with only a
few, sparsely spaced lashes, so I leave it alone.

Avoid doing this treatment more than once a day. 
Overdoing could cause your lashes to become brittle.  Also, be careful on
how much castor oil you get on your swab.  After all, you don’t want to get
any of this oil in your eye in the process. 

Don’t stick your swab back into the bottle once it touches
your lashes or you will contaminate the oil.  Use a fresh swab if you need more to do your other eye. 

Regardless of how you go about applying this castor oil, I
do think it has been helping.  My lashes do look like they are filling
in somewhat.  Maybe it is just wishful thinking, but this stuff has been
also conditioning them because they are, indeed, glossier.  Try it yourself 

because I think you will be pleased. 


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