Vitamin D Secret to Weight Loss to Be Aware Of

vitamin D weight loss

You think that you are doing everything right when it comes to your new diet to shed those extra pounds and still the scale never gives you any good news.  After all, you are eating only what you are allowed and yet, you still can’t seem to drop that extra weight.  However, instead of blaming the genes that sabotage or giving up because losing weight seems hopeless, there is something simple that might help. You may want to try getting more vitamin D for weight loss.

According to one study, researchers found women that had low levels of this vitamin were on an average of 16 pounds heavier in weight than their counterparts.   The reason scientists believe this is possible is because vitamin D seems to have the ability to decrease the growth of fat cells or the fat cells themselves become blocked from vitamin D and can’t go anywhere for weight loss.

Although this may not be your solution, you might want to try to get more sunlight.  Being outside in the sun for a little as 10 minutes can help and supply you within enough vitamin D for the entire day and weight loss.

Don’t think you have to bake in the sun to get that exposure. Taking a leisurely stroll wearing sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen is a safer way to soak in that sun without risking your face to any aging rays.  Another suggestion is taking a daily supplement of 1,000 IU of D3.

Of course, there could be other medical issues that are preventing weight loss besides this among dieting mistakes.  You need to talk to your physician, if all else fails.  Some blood work may be all it takes to find out other causes or if you’re lacking vitamin D for sure to explain that lack of weight loss.  If this proves to be the case, your physician can best recommend the proper amount of vitamin D that your body needs.


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