Experience Skin-Healing Minerals–Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa Renewing Scrub! (Review)

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Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa Renewing Scrub

Through the centuries, volcanic thermal water has been
sought out by people seeking health benefits.  The mineral-rich water was used to treat medical problems from muscles, joints, sinus conditions to
improving the skin itself.  I had never tried any product with volcanic
thermal spa water until the iFabbo opportunity arose with this new product from

Perlier’s Volcanic Thermal Spa Renewing
is an exciting gel for exfoliation that is loaded with natural
minerals derived from the volcanic rocks that rejuvenates skin while gently
smoothing with various size particles to safeguard from the risk of abrasion. 

The product has a light, fresh fragrance and is a pretty shade of ocean-blue.  To use it, I took it in the shower with me and applied it
over my moistened skin, especially to the roughest areas like legs, feet, and
bottom.  Then, I leisurely began massaging the scrub in and allowing some
time for those beneficial micronutrients to penetrate before rinsing off.

This scrub did not leave me with any greasy feeling once I
showered it away.  The only thing I was left with was petal-lsmooth skin
and such prettier, soft feet that I now have another new addition my line up of
bath products.

A 6.7 oz. jar retails for $25 on HSN.  Get $5.00 off
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Volcanic Thermal Spa Renewing Scrub when you use coupon code iFabbo5 on #PerlierOnHSN at checkout!


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