Nine Hard Candy Cosmetics Review


Hard Candy Cosmetics shadow-dancers- eye-shadows
By my thumb is Hard Candy Cosmetics Shadow Dancer Gold Digger then Head to Toe.


I always considered Hard Candy Cosmetics great to search for trendy drugstore makeup at a very inexpensive price.  Among their latest additions are some exciting new eye products that I was especially eager to check out plus one fabulous So Baked Bronzer to share with you for this nine Hard Candy Cosmetics review.

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One of my favorites of the nine Hard Candy Cosmetics sent are the Shadow Dancers.  I received two tubes of these liquid shadows that have a different shimmering color at each end.  Gold
is pale gold and a gorgeous light golden-brown.  Head to Toe is a pale gleaming beige-pink and a light bronze with a hint of pink.   Both were beautiful choices and instantly lit up my brown eyes.

These shadows are so creamy and blend beautifully without drying until you finish, depositing a sheer coat of illuminating color. Though you can build on these shadows since you have enough time before they set, however, I think it would be too intense and spoil that angelic gleam.  As far as how long they lasted, I tested them without primer and got a good part of the day out them until noticing some gradual fading–and yet no creasing.  I can’t wait to pick up a few more shades the next time I go shopping!

The All Lids Up are the next new eye shadows I want to tell you about.  These are cream shadows with multicolored pearls to jazz up the pigment.  I got two shades.  Feeling Rosey is a unique drugstore find with the way this metallic rusty-rose color can change to pick up tinges of pink, beige and even coral with it when you look at your lids from different angles.  Quick Sand is a striking metallic bronze-taupe kicking with an added boost of a tempered gold with traces of green.

Hard Candy Cosmetics two-lids-up-shadows-and-poppin-pigments-shadows
The All Lids Up shadows on the left show Quick Sand next to Feeling Rosey.  The Poppin Pigments Golden Pancakes in on the right.


The textures of these are somewhat drier than you may expect.  Instead of trying to apply with a brush, I advise warming a bit of the shadow up first in your fingers to get a better spreading consistency. This will make the shadows easier to apply to allow as much as I needed.  Otherwise, you may find them too dry and hard to use.  Expect these All Lids Up shadows to hold up all day without creasing, smudging or fading until you take them off.

Wait until you hear about Hard Candy’s Poppin Pigments, those cute little shaker duos with loose shimmering pigment powder.  Golden Pancakes has vials of a warm light-brown and a
golden-apricot.  The powders are finely milled so the effect is color with sheer radiance, more of a graceful shimmer instead of a wash of color with chunky glitter pieces.

The only drawback to Poppin Pigments is getting the product out of that shaker since there is a small spout with a sifter that needs conquering before the shadow comes out.  Other than the container, I loved how pretty they were once I brushed on.  Furthermore, these wear for several hours without a primer.  Therefore, I recommend wearing one for extended all day wear.

Shadowholics 12 Hour Waterproof Eye Crayons are the next ones I experimented with.   Each comes with their own sharpener so you don’t need to worry if the sharpener you have will fit the size of the crayon.  Camel Back is a gleaming beige-sand color.  After Hours is a vibrant red-plum shade.  You can line or just spread these creamy crayons on as shadows.  They will wear fairly well without a primer for a few hours but I suggest adding one to guarantee all day wear.

Hard Candy Cosmetics Shadowholic-eye-crayons
On the left is Shadowholic Camel Back and After Hours on the right.


I never tried any of the Eye Def Metallic Eye Shadows until this review.  These are liquid shadows in a tube that you paint on with its applicator wand.  Golden Earth was a stunning light
bronze-brown that stayed true and lasted without creasing, budging, or smudging for hours on end without a primer.

This is Eye Def Metallic Golden Earth shadow.   


The last product sent out was their So Baked Bronzer in Hula Hula.  This is simply beautiful bronze color with a slight shimmer that looked wonderful with my light complexion without any muddiness or excess orange to the shade.  You get a nice glow that resembles the look of a high-end product only with a low-end price.

Hard Candy Cosmetics bronzer
So Baked Bronzer in Hula Hula is a nice way to glow!


Do try these Hard Candy Cosmetics because you can get some amazing looks at a very affordable price!



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