How to Avoid Mistakes When Shopping for Bronzers!

Regardless of the season, I always wear a bronzer. 
As summer fades, I use it to keep my summer glow.  In the colder months, I
think it is a life savior for adding a bit more warmth to my pale face in
addition to blush.  However, I have not always made the best color choices
with my light coloring when it came to buying bronzers until I learned this
helpful trick.

Look at the line of bronzers that you are interested in carefully.  I found it
best to avoid coppery shades because they have the most orange color. 
Instead, look at the choices and pick out the ones with more brown color to
them.  You want to find either some pink to that brown or peach in the
bronzer to be the safest bet.  Something else to consider is your own
coloring and how dark those shades that you’re comparing should be. 

On the other hand, bronzers that have a combination of
gold, pink, and bronze are surefire bets to help you appear like you’ve been in
the sun.

If you follow this simple advice, you can’t go wrong in
your purchase.


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