Play Up Your Lips in Style!–NEW Rimmel London’s Show Off Lip Lacquers (Review)–Photos–Swatches!

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Going from left to right is 600 Nude Eclipse, then 101 Celestial, 500 Luna, 200 Comet, 501 Stellar, and ending with 701 Stargazer on the far right.

Rimmel London recently introduced a new lipstick
line to the United States market with their
Show Off Lip Lacquer
This product originally launched over the pond as
Apocalips.  These
lippies have the intense color of a liquid lipstick but with the feel of gloss
for getting cozy in style while making a statement.

I got to test out six of the fourteen shades to share with you
with this review.  These include such appealing colors as 200 Comet
(a pink-brown nude); 500 Luna (a ripe peach-pink dripping with appeal); 101
(a gentile medium rose-pink laced with a trace of plum); 701
Stargazer (
a shimmering beige-bronze); 600 Nude Eclipse (a pale beige
nude), and 501 Stellar (bright and almost neon pink-red that is ready to

Once that sponge tip applicator touches your
lips, the pigmentation is not some sheer color with all the slick shine of a
typical gloss, but a full blast lipstick coverage.  

Furthermore, these
lacquers keep very moist on your lips and will stay that way for hours until you eat some off.  I skipped lip liner to see if they would spread,
but they passed the test and didn’t feather.

I modeled all six shades for you next.  

What do you think of 500 Luna?
This is 600 Nude Eclipse.  The color was way too pale for me.  
Take a look at 701 Stargazer.
How do you like me in 501 Stellar?
Take a check of 101 Celestial.

Here I am modeling 200 Comet.

My favorite shade was 101 Celestial, a
dependable everyday pink you always need.  On the other hand, my least
favorite was
600 Nude Eclipse because it looked ghostly on me. 
Though unflattering on yours truly, I am sure that others with different
coloring would find it attractive.  However, I didn’t care for my
resemblance to the undead.

The next time you go cosmetic shopping make sure to check
the Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquers since I’m sure you’ll like

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion. 
A free product was provided solely to facilitate this review.*


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