Sally Hansen Pedicure Products Review


Sally Hansen Moisturizing Foot Creme, Prep Your Pedi Foot Smoother Kit, and Go Toe to Toe Toenail Nippers
Sally Hansen Moisturizing Foot Creme, Prep Your Pedi Foot Smoother Kit, and Go Toe to Toe Toenail Nippers


Healthy, well-groomed feet are a priority of mine.  Therefore, I was pleased to test our more Sally Hansen pedicure products.  After my amazing experience with their Pumice Foot Polish in what it did to repair my corn without pain I might add, then I had to try more products from their pedicure line.  Trust me, this is a true find if you are suffering with corns because it does work.

Read my earlier review of the level of exfoliation for each of the previous Sally Hansen pedicure products I used working on my feet because they do differ.

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Before I tried anything from the new products sent, I soaked my feet first to soften up the skin and toenails with one of the homemade foot soak recipes I shared in a previous post.

Afterwards, I dried off and checked out the Prep Your Pedi, the foot smoothing tool.  This is a brush on one side and the other allows for interchangeable heads for various degrees of filing tough
skin such as the micro-fine steel file, the ceramic stone head for a gentle exfoliation and buffing once reversed.

The Prep Your Pedi Foot Smoother Kit is wonderful for tackling the roughest parts of your feet.  However, I only used the ceramic stone head for smoothing out my heels and it helped shed skin without needing to resort to that micro-fine steel file.  I didn’t care for the idea of putting a micro-fine steel file that looked like a cheese grater against my skin.  The brush side was great while you are working to brush away that discarded skin.

I never used toenail nippers before I was sent the Go Toe to Toe Toenail Nippers.  I always used toenail scissors when I gave myself a pedicure.  Frankly, I found them harder to maneuver than cutting with nails scissors.  In fact, I thought they were a bit scary to work with because it felt like you have less control.  On the other hand, those with really thick toenails may find nippers a better choice as a way to chisel toenails down.

The Moisturizing Foot Creme was an excellent way to smooth and soften feet.  This product has lavender and vitamins to enhance its moisturizing and conditioning properties of that tougher skin.  Your feet will look and feel pampered.

Do check Sally Hansen’s pedicure line and treat your feet!



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