Seven Sins “Lust” Pre-Styling Lotion for Sexy Smoothness and Shine! (Review)

Disclaimer:  This post is based on a free
product provided by a company as a press sample so that I may offer my own 
opinion, which may be the same or differ from yours.

Seven Sins "Lust" Pre-Styling Lotion.jpeg
Seven Sins “Lust” Pre-Styling Lotion

A small change like a new hair styling product can make a
big difference when it comes to handling hair.  Unless I use the right ones
to keep my stubborn locks in line, the waves and curl I have would dictate my
hairstyle.  Thank goodness for Seven Sins “Lust”
Pre-Styling Lotion 
sent for my review because it was up to the challenge
of taming this head of hard to manage hair!

I always like to use the smallest amount recommended of a
styling product  to see how it does first. 
Therefore, I pumped only once instead of the recommended three times to work
this fragrant lotion  through my fresh washed, but partially damp
hair.  I spread the amount  through my strands as evenly as I could
from the middle to the ends. 

Getting my wide-tooth comb through the thick jumble of my
normally knotted hair was easier.  Usually, I depend on a hair conditioner
before styling products but went without it since I was testing this
pre-styling lotion.   “Lust” already appeared to be

Once I finished, I really was excited with the
outcome.  How much smoother my waves and curl were even with just one
pump.  The next time, I found two pumps of this stuff left me with sleek,
straighter hair that was riveting with an intense shine.  My hair felt soft
and not sticky or greasy to the touch either.  This styling product also
has a soft hold to allow hair movement over keeping hair rigidly in

For my forceful, down-growing long sweep of bangs, I did
need stronger control and used my molding putty the next time.  However, I
loved how straight and frizz-free my hair could be with “Lust.” 
Furthermore, I could skip shine serum with that glossy wattage I got.  The
only thing else I followed with was a little hair spray and I was good to go.

Seven Sins is a relatively new company started by
Master Stylist/Colorist, John Michael Zucco, two years ago.  Capitalizing on his
thirty-year experience in the industry and celebrity clients, Zucco’s concept
was simplifying a line of styling products capable of handling whatever hair
“Sin” (the hair problem) with the appropriate “Virtue” (the
hair fix) through one of his seven products.

I really liked Seven Sins “Lust”
Pre-Styling Lotion
and plan looking into more of their products.  If
you want smoothness and great gloss, ladies, get this product! The 8-fl. oz.
bottle retails for $26.  


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