Strategies to Fight Cellulite and Increase Circulation

Strategies to Fight Cellulite and Increase Circulation Avoid Crossing Legs
Crossing your legs when sitting or just sitting too long can contribute to your cellulite problem.


Despite being slim, a woman can still suffer from cellulite.  In fact, 90% of women have it somewhere on their body. Our unique female hormones, especially estrogen plays a large role in why we are especially cursed with this problem.  Of course, other factors can cause cellulite such as diet, inactivity, metabolism, dehydration, and heredity, which can also contribute to those trapped toxins under our skin.  Being said, this is why we need proven strategies to fight cellulite and increase circulation like the ones I’m about to share.

There are two types of cellulite to deal with.  The first is the softer variety of fluid fats, which is easier to get rid of. However, the second type is more of a challenge to solve.  This is the firmer, more condensed cellulite that builds up beneath the skin to give those budges and dimpled skin when squeezed.

Though as hopeless as it may sound, there are things we can do to help fight cellulite and increase our circulation.  Making a habit to use these strategies to fight cellulite on a daily basis may not completely help you eliminate every trace of cellulite, but it will definitely improve your appearance. Equally important, these suggestions will give you a better chance of preventing new cellulite from forming.

Massaging Cellulite Prone Areas Is One of Those Strategies to Fight Cellulite 

For starters, you should invest in a body brush and start dry brushing your legs, thighs, and backside daily before bathing. Another is thoroughly massaging those specific areas to help with the
circulation.  Pretend you are kneading bread dough when you are grabbing and working that skin to get that blood moving.  A rolling pin is another thought to help you do the job.  Always use upward movements in the direction of your heart when brushing, rolling or working your hands.

Following that intense stimulation to those areas, a good idea is to give the legs, thighs, and your bottom a treatment with a scrub to further dislodge those trapped fats.  After all, you already started the process of exfoliating and moving the cellulite.

Sitting too long doesn’t help either.  Try to get up about once an hour or every so often and just walk around the room or office for as little as five minutes can help.

Crossing your legs is bad news.  You are stopping circulation and contributing to the formation of cellulite by doing so. Remembering to avoid that position will help.

Getting more exercise is important as one of those helpful strategies to fight cellulite.  In fact, the harder your workout, the more help you have to banish that harder, compact cellulite.  Strenuous activity will speed up your metabolism and boost your circulation effectively.  Perfect to speed up your heart rate and tone youat the same time are activities like brisk walking and running.  Dancing is another enjoyable way to get that exercise.  Whatever your preference the important thing to remember is not to overdo unless you want to risk injury.

Caffeine and carbonated beverages are no friends of the cellulite prone.  These drinks have the ability to restrict blood flow so those toxins stay put in your system instead of circulating. Water and
beverages like herbal teas and fruit juices are safer bets.

Niacin (vitamin B3) helps with circulation.  Though it is a water-soluble vitamin and will not be stored in your body, you still need to be careful not to overdose. Nonetheless, you could be lacking this important vitamin to help flush those toxins out. The recommended daily amount for a woman is 16 mg.  Do not exceed 50 mg. or you can harm your organs.  The wisest course is to check with your doctor about a possible deficiency and an appropriate safe dosage.

Look for vitamins that have an industry standard for some form of self regulation such as having the USP (United States Pharmaceutical) seal to best protect yourself.  You may think the government regulates the vitamin industry, but just because you see brands sold on store shelves where you shop doesn’t mean they are as safe as you believe.  Be a cautious consumer and read the label.  Otherwise, you have no idea what sort of can of worms that you could open if you choose badly.

I wish that I could say I am cellulite free, but I am working on it and am seeing progress.  What I have shared here are just a few strategies to fight cellulite and increase circulation that have helped me battle cellulite–and I hope also will help you as well.



  1. Alessandrina
    September 15, 2013 / 6:43 pm

    Great tips! Thanks.Cheers.Dreena

  2. Mary B. (Nuts4Stuff)
    September 16, 2013 / 6:01 pm

    Thank you both and those of you that sent me emails about how much you appreciated this post. Honestly, I have been seeing improvement and needed to share. Getting rid of cellulite isn't the easiest thing to do, but you will notice a difference once you set your mind to following those tips.

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