Stunning Effects With Ellis Faas Cosmetics CreamyE129 (Peachy Skin) and LightE303 (Bronze) Eye Shadow Pens (Review)–Photos + SWATCHES!

Disclaimer:  This post is based on free
products provided by a company as a press sample so that I may offer my own 
opinion, which may be the same or differ from yours.

Ellis Faas logo.jpeg
Eliis Faas

I found a sure fire way to power up eyes and add some
sizzle to your look.  Let me tell you about the latest batch of products
that showed up at my door from Ellis Faas Cosmetics because what these
shadows can do for your eyes with the way they can bounce off light and take
advantage of color is truly astounding.  

It is easy to see why Ellis Faas received such
worldwide fame as a makeup artist.  She truly understands how
maximize a woman’s beauty through color based on shades the human body
produces.  With her gifted eye, her artistry is visibly apparent and seems
to filter through her entire line of luxury cosmetics.

A prime example is CreamyE 129 (Peachy Skin)
Eye Pen
.  Once clicked and that luscious color flows to the tip of this
silver bullet pen, the color appears to be a fleshy tone of true peach with
equal portions of pink to yellow.   

Ellis Faas CreamyE 129 eye shadow pen.jpeg
Here is Ellis Faas CreamyE 129 (Peachy Skin) Eye Pen

Ellis Faas CreamyE eye pen swatch.jpeg
This is a swatch of CreamyE 129 from Ellis Faas

At first, I wasn’t sure if the shade would better
work as a base color or one to highlight with–and then I tried it on my
lids.  Like a chameleon, I saw this shade change as it brightened with
almost a surreal glow.  My eyes instantly lit up with a soft, gleaming
array of sheer pink, beige, and yellow tones, which was mesmerizing to say the
least.  If you want to paint perfection for a romantic look,
CreamyE 129
can help you achieve that goal.

I also found another LightE 303 (Bronze) Eye
inside my box.  This has a beautiful metallic quality.  Imagine a bronze color like
liquid metal for the eyes streaming with a small rainbow of color for even extra
impact.  Read my earlier review to get my full take on LightE 303.

Ellis Faas LightE 303 eye pen.jpeg
This is LightE 303 (Bronze).

Ellis Faas LightE 303 eye pen swatch.jpeg
LightE 303 (Bronze)

You do need to need to work fast applying these
pens because these shadows do dry quickly.  However, these shadows can be
worn for hours without ever creasing.   Feel confident to skip wearing
a primer because these
Ellis Faas Eye Pens won’t fade, crease, or
melt until you choose to take them off.

The only fault I can find with these eye pens is
all the needed clicking before those glorious colors flow.  

The CreamyE 129 (Peachy Skin) retails
for $36 and the LightE (Bronze) Eye Pen can be had for $42.  Though
a bit steep, the price is justified once you experience those breathtaking
results yourself!  

Have you tried Ellis Faas Eye Pens
yet?   Do visit their website and treat yourself.  Ladies, you
can thank me later.


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