Katy Perry Perfume Review: Killer Queen Will Have You Ruling His Heart


Katy Perry Killer Queen Perfume Spray
Katy Perry’s Killer Queen Eau de Parfum Spray 


Superstar singer, Katy Perry, recently launched a third perfume in conjunction with Coty called Killer Queen provided for this review .  Just as exciting and unpredictable as the stunning songstress in the flesh, Killer Queen perfume, created with the perfumer, Laurent Le Guernec, is a dynamic fruity-floral gourmand with a wild spirit that fires up, captivating you in its delicious warmth and burning with more of a mature seductive appeal than her previous fragrances.

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The top fruity notes are playful and bright.  You can sense the energy immediately with juicy bergamot accords until teasing begins once the notes of wild berries and dark plum emerge adding richness to this sweet fragrance.

With romantic heart notes of velvety red flowers (Celosia), jasmine and Plumeria, Killer Queen becomes creamier as it warms  The floral notes sprinkle a powdery softness over the lush fruits that is beautiful with its delicate cover, waiting for the proper time to make an entrance.

The base notes of cashmere, patchouli, and liquid praline lend an enticing sophistication to this composition as they begin to seduce.  You feel the fanning flames as the fragrance begins to dry down, drawing you helplessly to that burning heat as it rages until you are made its prisoner and consumed with desire.

Don’t think that Killer Queen perfume is another celebrity fragrance with nothing special to offer or even vaguely close to Katy Perry’s other two fruity-floral perfumes.  That assumption would be a mistake.  This complicated fragrance is seductive and an intriguing scent with class and style that will surprise you as much as it will delight you.

I loved the warmth and spicy aspects of Killer Queen perfume, which is even more enjoyable to wear especially now with colder weather. The only thing I find wrong about this perfume revolves around the red-ruby shaped bottle with its own golden pedestal.  You won’t be able to stand this bottle upright.

The 100 ml of Killer Queen Eau de Parfum Spray retails for $59.  It also comes in the 15 ml, 30 ml, or 50 ml.  Do check this Katy Perry perfume from this review out because it is sensational the way the notes meld together.


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