Are You Curious How to Safely Clean Your Flat Iron?

Flat Iron

Maybe you’re like me and confused how to properly clean that delicate surface of a hair styling tool like a flat iron without causing damage.  After all, the only recommended way to care for it has been water. However, water often simply doesn’t cut it for taking care of this kind of problem   If so, you may be surprised at how easy maintenance can be.  Therefore, instead of continuing to use a less efficient flat iron, I will show you how to  safely clean your flat iron to keep it in the best possible condition in order to keep you beautiful the next time that you use it.

Nonetheless, over time you may notice styling product starting to build up.  The reason this is so troublesome to how your flat iron performs is typically due to polymers that are found in most hair styling products.  Instead of simply wiping the warm plates off with cold water while it’s unplugged, there is a better way to clean your iron without risking harm to that expensive tool.

Try cleaning it with a mixture of cold water and rubbing alcohol once a week will do the trick. Towel it off the same way when it’s unplugged and the plates are still warm, only using this mixture in place of the plain water.

If you take care of this little task on a regular basis, you will save yourself frustration later.  At the same time, your flat iron will continue to serve you much better for hair styling than you may have ever thought.


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