Are You Risking That Dazzling Smile by Brushing at the Wrong Time?

You know the drill if you want to preserve those
pearly whites and keep that dazzling smile.  Brush your teeth after every
meal or at least twice a day and remember to floss.  However, did you also
know that you may be risking damage to your teeth’s enamel if you brush too
soon, especially after eating acidic foods like citrus, tomatoes, soda, and

Anything acidic can soften the surface of your
teeth, eroding the enamel all the way to the inner dentin layer.   If
you brush immediately after eating such foods, you will be grinding toothpaste,
a corrosive substance, against your weakened teeth.  
Compounding the
problem is the bristles of your brush wearing down that vulnerable enamel as well.  

Still, worse damage can be had from vigorous brushing
to further the severity.  Consider buying a toothbrush with soft bristles
over hard ones is a good preventive measure.

Yet, there is a solution to this frightening scenario. 
The best course of action is to simply wait at least thirty minutes up to an
hour before brushing to give your saliva enough time to neutralize the
acidity.  The saliva is what helps harden the teeth back to normal.

If you can’t stand a dirty mouth, rinse your
mouth out after directly eating with plain water or eat a small piece of cheese
is a good way to help prolong the wait.  You also try freshening up with
chewing a piece of sugar-free gum. 


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