Know Your Facts About Natural and Certified Organic Skin Care Seals


Sorting through green skin care can be confusing. After all, there are brands sporting the USDA Organic Seal, others have a Natural Product Association (NPA) seal, and then there is the Ecocert seal.   However, if you understand the lingo, then you can be better informed as to what to expect before you plop down your money.

The USDA Organic seal on a product guarantees it was formulated with 95-percent of organic ingredients and grown without artificial chemicals.

On the other hand, the Natural Product Association seal vouches that 95-percent of the ingredients are natural or naturally derived with some additives that have no possibly of risking your health.

An Ecocert seal is another excellent one to look for.  This seal means that the product is 95-percent organic in its ingredient composition according  to the strict standards set by the USDA and the France-based organic certification organization, Ecocert, regulating more than 80 countries overseas.

Be sure to take the time for read those labels carefully.  Doing so can make all the difference to your beauty and health!



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