Treat Your Feet to Some TLC–Garden Botanika Twinkle Toes Sweet Mint Winter Gift Collection Review

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Garden Botanika Twinkle Toes Sweet Mint Winter Gift Collection

Our feet take a lot of abuse every day. 
Just to look fashionable, we can wedge them into ill-fitting shoes, often
torturing them or walk barefoot without thought as to the damage we do to our
skin. The only way they fight back is with dry, rough heels, corns, and
blisters.  I happen to think our hard-working feet deserve a little tender
loving care to reward them for all that we put them through and Garden
Twinkle Toes Sweet Mint Winter Collection of foot care
products is a great way to do it. 

The first product I started applying was the Sweet
Mint Foot Polish
to clean, but still damp feet.  This is a gentle
exfoliating cream with finely ground walnut shells for smoothing rough skin as
well as ingredients like peppermint leaf extract and vanilla for a refreshing,
cool feeling and scent.

I followed with the Sweet Mint Foot Spray
to energize my tired feet up.  With peppermint and tea tree oil, this spray
helped perk and  deodorize. 

I finished my foot ritual with the Sweet Mint
AHA Foot Treatment
and then put on the Moisture Socks before bedtime.
This cream is rich in moisture from Shea and Cacao
Seed butters besides fruits acids for additional exfoliation.

These products did treat my feet to some
wonderful pampering and softer skin.  Anyone would notice a nice difference
in their feet using this kit so do think of getting one for yourself or as
holiday gifts. 

This kit consists of Sweet Mint AHA Foot
(4 oz.), Sweet Mint Foot Polish (4 oz.), Sweet Mint Foot
(4 oz.), and a pair of Moisture Socks.  Bought separately,
you would pay $41 for all this.  With the holidays nearly here, Garden Botanika‘s Twinkle Toes Sweet Mint Winter Gift Collection is now
specially priced at $29.50!


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