Review: Advanced Mineral Makeup Loose Powder Foundation (Taylor) –Ultra Breathable Foundation Coverage

Disclaimer:  This post is based on a free
product provided by a company as a press sample so that I may offer my own 
opinion, which may be the same or differ from yours.

Advanced Mineral Makeup Loose Powder Foundation.jpeg
Advanced Mineral Makeup Loose Powder Foundation (Taylor)

I am so drawn to mineral foundations because they are
healthier bets for your skin, especially for anyone with allergy problems or
prone to acne.  Many traditional foundations have talc and harsher
ingredients in the binders and preservatives that can lead to sensitivity issues
or breakouts.  Less risky are the natural mineral foundations since they do
not have any talc, dyes, perfumes, parabens, or preservatives associated with likely reactions.  

 Recently, I tried Advanced Mineral Makeup from
highly acclaimed TV and film makeup artist, Annie Mayo, and was more than
impressed with the gentle formula and flawless coverage of her
Pressed Powder
that I looked forward to reviewing her Loose Powder Foundation
in the same shade of Taylor, the lightest of the three color choices.

Advanced Mineral Makeup Loose Powder Foundation side view.jpeg
Advanced Mineral Makeup Loose Powder Foundation (Taylor) is a silky consistency

Using mineral foundation simplifies your beauty
routine because with a quick swipe or two of your brush, depending on the
coverage you need from light to medium, you can apply.  Though the easiest
way, instead I dip a cotton ball into the foundation and dab the powder on,
pressing it in and then brushing away the excess.  Applying the foundation
this way gives longer lasting coverage and prolonged that gorgeous almost
airbrush looking finish I discovered from its vitamin-enriched
formula.   Try this technique with any loose powder deepens the
coverage and keeps shine away so much longer. 

Advanced Mineral Makeup Loose Powder Foundation bottom label. jpeg
Here is bottom label with ingredients of Advanced Mineral Makeup Loose Powder Foundation

I really like the Advanced Mineral Makeup
Powder Foundations
of either form now that I had the chance to wear them
because they don’t fade or seem to settle into wrinkles like some foundations
can after a period of time.  Another thing that is dear to my heart is how
ultra- breathable their mineral foundations are for your skin. 

As to my favorite form, I do prefer the pressed
form for when I am especially short of time, need less coverage, or for taking
with me in my handbag.  When I want more coverage, I do migrate toward the
loose form. 

If you haven’t tried Advanced Mineral Makeup Loose Powder Foundation, I can tell you now that you will be glad you
found their website once you see what it can do for your face.  Either form
retails for $38.50 at Advanced Mineral Makeup.   Like I said, I
do love the Pressed Powder Foundation as well, only in different


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