You’ll Love Mineral Fusion Natural Brands Line of Loose Powder Foundations! (Review)

Disclaimer:  This post is based on a free
product provided by a company as a press sample so that I may offer my own 
opinion, which may be the same or differ from yours.

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Mineral Fusion

I can tell you about quite a few companies making excellent loose and pressed powder foundations with beautiful
coverage.  Some of those brands, however, have something you may not
want like an extensive list of chemical ingredients.  Nonetheless, you have
another option without toxic ingredients like Mineral Fusion Natural Brands and
their Loose Powder Foundations.

You don’t have to worry about parabens, talc,
artificial colors, fragrance, or gluten in their formulas.  These
lightweight powders adhere to your skin like a silky veil with only
natural age defying and skin smoothing ingredients such as
pomegranate, white tea, red tea, sea kelp, licorice root, aloe vera, cucumber,

and vitamins C and E.   They also have natural
UV sun protection in this mineral formula, which is another plus.

I received the line of five different shades of this

From left to right is Warm 1, Warm 2, Olive 1, Cool 2, and Neutral 2 in the photo.

My best match for my light skin with yellow undertones was Olive
This stuff really helps make your pores almost disappear once I

Here is a photo of my ideal shade, Olive 1.

For those with allergies that are sensitive to flying powder,
I have a tip to cut down on that problem.  Use a cotton ball and press the
powder in first before holding your breath and brushing away the excess.  

Using this Loose Powder Foundation, my face became
flawless and the little imperfections were hidden without any mask of heavy
makeup for a more natural appearance that lasted for hours.

Earlier, I reviewed the Pressed Powder Foundations
and was impressed how exceptional the product was.   The Loose
Powder Foundations
are just as amazing for delivering outstanding
results.  In fact, I am torn between which form I prefer!  

Honestly, you should try both of these products and you will thank me when you look at your
face.  Either form retails for $29.99.  Find them at Mineral Fusion Natural Brands or Whole Foods.

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion. 
A free product was provided solely to facilitate this review.*


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