My DIY Hair Strengthening Mask Is a Great Fix

My DIY Strengthening Hair Mask Is a Great Fix Woman with Weak Hair
This DIY Hair Strengthening Mask is good news for those with weak hair.


Although I have lots of thick hair, I am known to shed some of it on occasion like a big dog.  Since finding your hair in the shower drain, sink, and on the floor can be frustrating, I began experimenting with some kitchen magic to help strengthen my locks as well as supplementing my diet with more biotin, folic acid, and other B-complex vitamins.  What I came up with is this simple, but effective DIY Hair Strengthening Mask to provide that needed nourishment to the strands.

This DIY Hair Strengthening Mask recipe that I want to share helps fortify the hair’s resilience while it restores softness and shine at the same time. The reason it works so well comes from the wonderful benefit of cucumber being an excellent source of silica, which is fabulous for making hair stronger.  Vitamin E also helps strengthen and spurs new hair growth in the process.

The conditioning that you get from this DIY hair strengthening mask is just as great from the ingredients I pooled together.  Honey is a humectant with the power to attract moisture from the air to help hair keep from drying out.   The olive oil is rich in saturated fats for lubrication and to help lock in moisture. Further conditioning comes from egg with protein to bring back the softness.  The mayonnaise acts in the same way since it is made with lots of eggs.

I’ve been using this mask once a week for a few months now.   As a result, I haven’t been finding nearly as many hairs everywhere as I had before.  My hair also looks healthier than ever with unbelievable gloss.  I used to have some frizz problems when it got too humid, but that issue is in the past.

I hope you try this DIY hair strengthening mask recipe because if it helped me to this extent, I think it could help you too!

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My DIY Hair Strengthening Mask


1/4 cup cucumber, peeled
1 egg
2 teaspoons of honey
4 tablespoons of olive oil
1/4 cup of full-fat mayonnaise
1 capsule of vitamin E (400 I.U), pierced and ready to
squeeze out


Blend the peeled cucumber until pureed.

Next, you will add the egg, oil, honey, mayonnaise, and the pierced vitamin E and just mix the ingredients together to combine. You will be mixing by all the ingredients by hand, including the pureed cucumber.

Apply generously on your dry hair and massage it through the strands to the ends.  (The vitamin E and silica will even help tackle those split ends). Then grab a shower cap or wrap some plastic wrap over your work to cut down on the mess before grabbing a towel to fashion a turban.  You will need to keep this mask on for at least 50-60 minutes before shampooing.

If you happen to have any left over, you can always refrigerate in a covered container for another treatment.  However, I do think you will be using most of this mix unless you have extremely short hair.


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