How to Restore a Favorite Shrunken Sweater

Shrunken Sweater Fix!


Usually, the pieces that you love the most are the ones that get accidentally ruined.  How your favorite sweater went from fitting you like a dream into one better suited for a child can be frustrating as well as expensive. So instead of blaming yourself for what happened because you suddenly need to buy another to replace it, I have a simple tip to restore that favorite shrunken wool, cashmere or cotton sweater that you may want to try to grow that damaged item back.

The first tip to restore it is by making a salt water soak to help start allowing the fibers time to relax. All you need is to take that shrunken garment and soak that sweater in cold water for three hours with one-half cup of plain salt (without iodine).

When that amount of time is up, gently wash your sweater as you normally do. However, you will need to add one-half cup of a hair conditioner to the rinse water. By doing so, you will be delicately loosening those stressed and tightened fibers further to help with stretching.  As gently as you can, squeeze the water from your sweater. Then place a clean towel to lay the washed sweater down to air dry.

Some sweaters will return and grow back better than others. Nonetheless, this sweater trick did seem to work miracles on a few of my sweaters that I, otherwise, would have given up on as hopeless.

Just in case you find yourself in this situation, I hope you try this tip on how to restore your favorite shrunken sweater because it does help grow that sweater back!



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