How to Bring Out Angelic Cheeks: IT Cosmetics Airbrush Blush Stain (Sweet Cheeks) Can Make It Happen! (Review)

IT Cosmetics Airbrush Blush Stain (Sweet Cheeks).jpeg
IT Cosmetics Airbrush Blush Stain (Sweet Cheeks)

The holiday season is when angelic-looking cheeks
are especially important. After all, you need to shine and be ready when finding
yourself under the mistletoe with that special someone that suddenly can’t take
his eyes off you.  Thanks to
IT Cosmetics and the latest product
that I was sent to review I know exactly the right blush that can help you
achieve that goal–their
Airbrush Blush Stain (Sweet Cheeks), of

This loose, fine-textured powder cheek blush has
a silky consistency that does such wonders for a face with anti-aging
ingredients that can seem to mar imperfections while brightening the skin at the
same time.  You got to hand it to IT Cosmetics innovative technology
that pools  hydro-collagen, antioxidants, and silk into this formula to
make this powder glow as beautifully as it does while also treating the
skin.  The formula is hypo-allergenic as well and has no talc, parabens,
oils, fragrance, or likely irritants to give you any grief.

As to the precious color itself, I would describe
Sweet Cheeks as pure innocence.  Done in the softest peachy-pink,
the warm color reminds me that of a newborn’s or a cherub’s cheek to give you an
indication.  All I needed were a couple sweeps of my brush before I glowed; but dust lightly because this is a very pigmented powder.  You need to use
this blush sparingly.

Furthermore, this remarkable beauty lasts without
fading.  I put this blush on in the morning and it was still going strong
hours later. 

Take it from this IT girl, but the
Airbrush Blush Stain
is definitely another winner from IT Cosmetics
It retails for $24.  
I highly recommend trying it because it will make YOU the toast of the season!

Buy this product at IT
,,, Ulta Beauty, and the Shopping Channel!

*Disclaimer:  Free products were provided to
facilitate this review–not my opinion.*


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