My Luxe Find for the Holidays–FRAAS Metallic Zebra Scarf From Their Fall-Holiday 2013 Collection (Review)

Disclaimer:  This post is based on free products provided by a company as a press sample so that I may offer my own  opinion, which may be the same or differ from yours.

FRAAS Metallic Zebra Scarf.jpeg
FRAAS Metallic Zebra Scarf

Now is the time to sparkle when it comes to dressing up your wardrobe for the holidays.  Accessories such as a stunning metallic scarf can help steal attention, adding a bit more sophistication to your look.  My suggestion is looking into a FRAAS Metallic Zebra scarf like the gorgeous gold one I received for this review.

This scarf is from their new Palace Grandeur line, which weaves different yarns and patterns to embellish an opulent effect.  The Metallic Zebra that I got uses metallic yarns mixed with acrylic and viscose against an animal print so it has just the subtle shimmer to make it eye-catching and not gaudy. 

This is a big scarf (12 x 80-inch) that you can do a great deal with.  Use it as a wrap or simply as a scarf to fancy whatever you choose.  You won’t need to spend a fortune or worry about something this ornate that needs to be dry-cleaned.  

This scarf retails for just $35 and needs only to be hand-washed to care for it!  I really loved this scarf in gold, however, the Metallic Zebra also comes in white or black.

FRAAS Fall-Holiday 2013 scarves.jpeg
AFRAAS Fall-Holiday 2013 scarves

FRAAS the Scarf Company also has a Country Etiquette (rich autumnal shades) and a Nouveux Generation line (bold looks with bright colors) as well as the Palace Grandeur for the 2013  Fall-Holiday Collection. 

If you’re confused over what to buy that special woman in your life, I think any lady would welcome this FRAAS Metallic Zebra scarf to top off her wardrobe.  I know that I do love mine.

You can find FRAAS scarves at their website or at Amazon.


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