#MyBlogSpark Yoplait Go-Gurt “Back to School” Review

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Yoplait Go-Gurt

We are never without yogurt at my house from the flavored
fruit variety to the plain for cooking.  When I was contacted by
MyBlogSpark to see if I would be interested in reviewing Yoplait Go-Gurt,
of course, I said yes knowing this is a healthier, more nutritious
choice to pack in your child’s lunch than cookies or snack cakes.  

A nice thing to know about this product is that you are not feeling your children extra chemicals associated with
high fructose corn syrup.  Instead, Yoplait Go-Gurt is made
with pure sugar.

I also liked how convenient this form of yogurt sticks in
a tube were when you’re especially rushed to prepare lunches.  Store them
in the freezer and these will unthaw to the perfect consistency in time for their lunch.  This low-fat protein yogurt excites a child just as much as working
that tube to enjoy that treat. 

They come in sixteen delicious flavors like yummy
Strawberry Milkshake and Banana Split, which rate especially high at our
house.  To learn more about Yoplait Go-Gurt visit their website.

Pick some packages up the next time you need
groceries.  Your children as well as adults are sure to love it!


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