Holiday Hair Styling Power: Star Pro Line Star Wax Premium Professional Pomade Collection Review


Star Pro Line Star Wax Premium Professional Pomade Collection
Star Pro Line’s Star Wax Premium Professional Pomade Collection


Holiday parties are coming up!  If you want to shine like the star you are, your hair needs to be perfect as if you just left your stylist’s chair.  The only way you can do that without running back to the salon is to use the same professional grade hair care products like Star Wax Premium Pomades from Star Pro Line sent to me for this review.

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I depend on pomades and waxes for my bang area, mousses and gels for the rest, besides thermal and shine sprays to keep me presentable.  Without heavy-duty control of a product like pomade, I wouldn’t be able to control my forceful, down-growing bangs to wear them swept off my face.  Therefore, my long bangs made the ideal testing ground for the four  Star Pro Line varieties of Star Wax Pomades:  Original, Crystal, Clay, and Toffee.

I thought the best way to try these is to begin with the Star Pro Line Star Wax Original formula.  This is strong hold, water-based pomade in a clear red color that is enriched with jojoba extract to condition while it keeps hair controlled with a shiny finish.  I started with the smallest amount of this styling product to get a feel of how much will work on my head while it was slightly damp.  Later, I added a bit more to my dry hair.  This stuff was wonderful with keeping my hair pushed back without any stickiness, crunchiness, or dirty hair feeling.

Also, I am pleased to say this product gives hair a beautiful glossy shine that looks natural, not some greasy, oily slick that looks pasted down, but more like you just added some shine spray.

Star Pro Line Star Wax Original and Crystal
Star Pro’s Original and Crystal Star Wax

The Star Wax Crystal worked even better on my head for coping with my problem bangs.  This is the super-hold strength formula of the original with a thicker texture and that striking shine.  Instead of clear red, the Crystal pomade is a pretty blue.  Just like the original, my hair looked and felt soft and clean.  You can even brush it and not disturb the hold.  Grape seed extract is added in this formula along with jojoba as a light moisturizer for your hair as well.

On the other hand, the Star Wax Clay pomade has all the amazing styling capabilities of the Original only without the shiny finish.   I thought this strong holding formula was wonderful for
control and holding power, especially how it preserved the hold despite bad weather that could have left me fighting bangs.  Ingredients such as jojoba, borage, evening primrose, Dead Sea mud and vitamins help its water-resistant power.

Finally, let me introduce you to Star Wax Toffee.  This is the Star Pro Line pomade you want if you only need moderate hold with a brilliant shine while being a bit water-resistant.

Star Pro Line Clay and Toffee Waxes
Star Pro’s Clay and Toffee Star Wax

I can’t tell you how much I really liked all four pomades from the Star Pro Line.  They are, indeed, professional performing products that won’t leave you in the lurch when you need to look great.  Just as important is the fact you have to pull out the clarifying shampoo to fully get them out of your hair since they rinse out easily.

Equally impressive is you get a huge five-oz. jar for $40, which is a real bargain.  I do recommend this Star Pro Line because I know you will be pleased with your hair’s outcome.  Buy these Star Wax pomades on or go to Star Pro’s website to learn where to buy.


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