How to Boost Your Body’s Metabolism With These Foods

Chili Peppers for boost metabolism
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay – Enotovyj

If you have been a bit naughty over the holidays from excessive feasting, you are not alone.  This is the time of year many of us will pack on a few extra pounds from overindulging on all those tempting treats.  Instead of letting your scale continue to depress you, you can learn which foods can boost your metabolism to get your body back.

Eating More Protein Is One Way to Boost the Body’s Metabolism

Top on your list should be protein such as skinless chicken, turkey, eggs, beans, fish, and low-fat dairy.  You want those foods in your diet because these take more energy for your body to digest than pasta, potatoes, breads, and other carbohydrates.

Hot Red Peppers Can Also Help Burn Fat

Try to acquire a taste for hot red peppers and add them to your recipes.  These have a compound called capsaicin that has been proven to fire up the metabolic rate.  Shaking on red pepper flakes in place of salt can spice up taste, help your body burn more fat, and also help you retain less water weight.  Cooking with hot sauce or just adding to foods is another simple way to add some zesty flavor and help.

Drinking More Tea Can Also Help Metabolism

You might want to add green and oolong teas to your diet since they have metabolism boosting, catechins.

Another helpful way is to jumpstart your metabolism through ice-cold foods and beverages, which trick the body into burning more energy to offset that cold shock to the system.  For every glass of ice water you drink, you can burn off ten calories without trying.  Drink multiple glasses and that number can add up!

These suggestions are a good place to start.  I hope you try them because they do work, if taken to heart.


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