Red Apple Lipstick Company’s Fab Fall/Winter 2013 Collection of Mineral Eye Shadows (Review) + Photos & SWATCHES!

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Red Apple Lipstick Company's Fall/Winter 2013 Mineral Eye Shadows.jpeg
Starting on the left is Red Apple Lipstick Company’s Sugar & Spice, then Sage Rage, Secret Garden, VooDoo, Pixie Dust, with Clean Slate on the right.  Next to it is the Twosie Compact.

Red Apple
Lipstick Company
makes beautiful healthier lipsticks, glosses, lip liners,
and lip care products.  However, this certified vegan company also makes
nontoxic formulations of gorgeous eye shadows.  They kindly sent along
their Fall/Winter 2013 collection with a compact to store for this review.

I must confess the first thing you notice is the
how stunning these matte shades are.  The colors, which I also swatched for
you are: 
Sugar & Spice (soft cinnamon with beige); Sage Rage (
taupe with yellow-green);
Clean Slate (medium gray); Pixie Dust
(whisper of pink);
Secret Garden (forest green), and VooDoo (medium

Red Apple Lipstick Company's Fall/Winter 2013 Eye Shadow swatches.jpeg
From left nearest my wrist to the right are: Sugar & Spice, then Sage Rage, Secret Garden, Pixie Dust, Clean Slate with VooDoo on the right.

These are cruelty free eye shadows that have no
talc, parabens, gluten, or soy that went on smoothly and lasted for hours
without creasing or fading.

The shades were fun pairing up for different
looks.  Usually, I am not one that typically wears green eye shadows, but Secret
(for lid color), Clean Slate (for the crease), and Pixie
(for the highlight) was quite attractive with my dark brown eyes. 
Another excellent combination I loved was VooDoo (for the lid), Sugar
& Spice
(for the crease) and Pixie Dust again (for the highlight

Red Apple Lipstick Company Sugar & Spice Eye shadows.jpeg
Here is Sugar & Spice on the left with VooDoo on the right.  This really is a pretty effect when blended.

The shadows were individually packaged singles
that I just popped in place in their Twosie Compact that fit two at a
time.  It retails for $6.95. You can buy other sizes of their compacts to
handle up to nine shadows for $20.00.

If you are trying to find safer cosmetics that
are made in the United States, then I suggest visiting Red Apple Lipstick Company.  The shadows shown retail for $18.95 each.  Do become
acquainted with their fine products because I know you like them once you do.

*Disclaimer:  A free product was provided to
facilitate this review–not my opinion.*


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