Are You Having Problems With the Look of Your Under Eye Concealer and Need a Solution?


Has this happened to you?   You apply that favorite brand of under eye concealer that has served you well over the years and now you notice there is a loss of elasticity when trying to spread it.

The first thought may be the company must have changed the formula.  Instead of calling or writing the company to complain of your disappointment, you may finally decide it is simpler to just shop for a new brand of concealer.

However, you may be wasting your time.  Your concealer may not be the product to blame.  Now that you had a few more birthdays, spent too much time in the sun, or even because of your own genetics, the product you might want to consider replacing is the type of eye cream that you are putting underneath.

A better suggestion is to look for eye creams that have peptides and retinoids that will trigger collagen production in the delicate under eye tissues.  This will save you grief, money, and lift your
spirits because this will do more good than constantly piling up your makeup junk drawer with concealers!



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