Get More Variety Out of Your Lip Color With Just a Little Know How!

Here’s an easy way to change the look of your lip color
into a stunning, new shade.  All you have to do is be a little creative by
layering it with something else. 

For instance, a shimmering gold gloss over any color will
warm up the shade for a beautiful change.  A tube of a gleaming gold
lipstick over top of any color will also achieve the same result only without
that excess shine.  
Regardless of the shade underneath, you can create new
countless colors from what you have already.

I like to individualize my look and often mix and layer
color from several different tubes to get just what I’m after.  This
artist-like approach can often get you closer to the ideal color you need if you
intend to wear it with a hard-to-match outfit.  Lining up your stash at
home with that outfit in view and playing with color is far simpler and less
expensive than mistakes from guessing that exact shade from memory.

You can also sheer a color by layering lip balm before
your color.  This method will make the shade less intense and keep your
lips better moisturized.

Try this trick and watch how many extra compliments


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