Get the Shiniest Hair of Your Life!

Get the Shiniest Hair of Your Life Woman With Shiniest Hair
You can also have the shiniest hair of your life just like this beauty after you read this post.


You may think that you already are doing everything you can when using shine serums and sprays to get the shiniest hair.  However, you would only be halfway right.  Those products are important, but there are other things that can make a difference in getting more of a brilliant gloss.

Styling products weigh hair down and make it dull over time.  So if you are wondering why that expensive shine enhancer isn’t doing much for you, a product buildup could be the culprit.  Ask yourself how often you use a clarifying shampoo to remove those layers of gunk from your hair.  Make it a habit to give yourself a clarifying treatment at least every two weeks to keep the hair at its best.

Dr. Oz had a wonderful tip to make your own homemade clarifying shampoo that is fantastic.  All you need is one tablespoon of baking soda mixed in with two tablespoons of your current
shampoo.  This really works better than a lot of clarifying shampoos I have tried.  In fact, you will be shocked when you look and feel your hair after shampooing with this mix.

Now that you have virgin hair again is the time to consider what type of shine product that you are using.  Those with thick or coarse hair need a silicone-based serum or styling cream to give them the maximum wattage.  Start out with some on wet hair and then finish with a bit more when dried.

On the other hand,  a shine spray would do more for those with a medium-texture of hair.  You’ll find this product works best after blow-drying, spraying a few inches from the bottom.

If you have a baby-fine texture of hair then look for an extra-light formula of shine spray and concentrate over your ends.

Another fantastic help is picking up an at-home clear gloss treatment to treat those strands with.  A gloss treatment has intense shine enhancing capabilities with ingredients like silicone, vitamins,
and luxurious oils such as jojoba.

If you don’t mind fussing in the kitchen and a little mess, I have a few excellent DIY hair recipes that you should try.  The first is my DIY Molasses Deep Hair Conditioner for increasing shine, but also for strengthening and repairing as well.  One other in particular that I use when I have avocados is this DIY Glossy Hair Mask recipe for revving up the shine.  These are just two from my DIY section that seriously can help your hair and overall beauty out.

I hope you try these tips to get the shiniest hair of your life because they truly work.


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