Make Small Lips Bigger Despite Dark Lip Colors

Make Small Lips Bigger Despite Dark Lip Colors
These simple makeup tricks work for creating an illusion of larger lips work for me–and can do the same for you.


Dark lip colors are so gorgeous with all the fashionable winter shades available this season.  The only problem is the deeper the color, the smaller your mouth can look.  If you are one of those lucky ladies blessed with large, full lips, then you don’t need to worry.  On the other hand, those with a small mouth such as mine might be interested in how to wear those shades without them swallowing up your lips in the process.  Here are some valuable tips that can help make small lips bigger when using dark lip colors.

I found several great beauty tricks that help in making small lips bigger when you want to use dark lip colors, which usually does seem to do the opposite.  Apply the dark color and then dig through your beauty stash for your concealer and concealer brush.  Make sure it’s a lighter shade than your foundation like the one you use for under your eyes.  Now brush some of the concealer along the outline of your lips. Blend carefully and you will see how much bigger your mouth will look from the contrast of light against dark.

Another helpful tip to make small lips bigger is to take a white pencil and focus attention on the bow of your lips.  Be sure to make that white subtle and not too thick to pull this effect off.  You will be surprised at the difference this trick makes to bring out the size of the lips.

Last of all, when wearing dark lip colors you might want to experiment with is dabbing some highlighter in the center of your lower lip.  This addition will throw light, making your mouth look fuller in the process. This is yet another easy makeup trick that can help make a small mouth bigger using dark lip colors.


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