How to Avoid Foundation From Settling Into Facial Lines

How to Avoid Foundation From Settling Into Facial Lines

If you are starting to notice your foundation settling into your lines, you may be tempted to just use less of the product near the area.  However, you would have better luck if you applied an
anti-aging serum first before priming.  Another suggestion is to look for a primer that has anti-aging ingredients built into the formula.  This is the first step to take.

The second thing you need to consider is maybe switching the type of foundation you currently use.  Look for a lightweight liquid formula with light-diffusing particles to best conceal those lines.
The subtle shine from this variety of foundation can work to your advantage because light reflects from the contours of your face.  In the process, those lines are less obvious to the eye.

Just as important to the mission is the method of application.  You might want to try investing in a flat synthetic brush to use with that liquid foundation in place of your fingers.  Synthetic hairs are what you want because they will grab onto that product and glide over the complexion so much better than a natural-haired brush in this instance.

The final step once you finish your foundation is start using a makeup sponge.  Dampen it and press your sponge gently over your face.  This delicate dabbing will help soften the effect as it picks
up excess foundation that could land up in the lines.

These tips will not solve any wrinkle problem, but these do help those lines from looking worse!


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